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Vacuum Beard Trimmer
Turbo Vacuum Power
SteelWave Self-Sharpening Blades
Superior trim, no mess
This new Philips Vacuum Trimmer is equipped to conveniently deliver a superiour
trimming performance.
Best vacuum trimmer
• Most suction power ever guaranteed
• Turbo power boost button
• Clear view hair chamber
• Hair deflector
Precise and even trim
• SteelWave Self-Sharpening Blades
• Contour following comb
• 9 Lock-in Length Settings
• Precision trimmer unit
Power system
• Operates on a rechargeable battery
• Cord or cordless operation for maximum freedom
Vacuum Beard Trimmer
Turbo Vacuum Power
Product highlights
Power System
• Rechargeable
• Quick charge: 1 hour(s)
• Operating time: 50 minute(s)
• Cleaning brush
• Charger
• Travel pouch
Trimming System
Steel Wave technology
Number of settings: 9 lock-in length settings
Cutter width: 32 and 21 mm
Maintenance-free cutting element: No lubrication
• Low charge indication: LED (on product)
• Charging indicator: LED (on product)
Vacuum Power
Powerful vacuum with Hair Deflector captures cut hair.
No mess guaranteed.
Turbo power boost button
Turbo power switch boosts cutting and fan speed by 30%
for significantly increased suction power.
SteelWave Self-Sharpening Blades
Revolutionary wave-shaped, self-sharpening blades
channel and cut hair for a precise and even trim.
Contour Following comb
Unique flexing guide comb automatically follows facial
contours for a precise and even trim.
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