Secure Server Router (SSR-7000)

Secure Server Router (SSR-7000)
Secure Server Router (SSR-7000)
Electronic Flight Bag Interface and Communication Unit (EICU)
Bring secure, wireless data
transmission and connectivity
to your crews and lower costs
to your operations.
The SSR-7000 Secure Server Router is
an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Interface
and Communication Unit (EICU) that
brings value to your airline by improving
data security and crew connectivity while
lowering your costs for data transmission,
flight operations and maintenance.
With compact, all-in-one connectivity,
this solution combines the capabilities
of traditional wireless data transfer and
avionics interface devices with ultra-secure
EFB and crew wireless access. It seamlessly
integrates with your existing operational
work flow.
The unit’s embedded router wirelessly
connects an EFB to on-board and external
networks. These networks include avionics,
maintenance information, cabin, air-toground, airport gate and airline operation
centers. Selecting the most cost-effective
communication channel available for
transmitting data and connecting the
EFB to external networks is easy with
built-in tools.
The EICU/SSR-7000 also features a virtual
digital aircraft condition monitoring system
recorder (VDAR) and creates files that work
with your existing FOQA/MOQA tool set.
Use the ground cellular/Wi-Fi connectivity
to automatically download standard quick
access recorder (QAR) files to your airline’s
back office for use in your current flight
data management system (FDMS) program.
>> Gather and transmit industry-standard
FOQA data files on the ground using
cellular and built-in avionics interface device
>> Connect your iOS or Windows® tablet
(EFB) and run popular apps, including
connecting to your Airline Operations
Center (AOC) on your tablet
>> Establish a secure wireless access point
for the cockpit and cabin crew
>> Use OEM, Rockwell Collins and
third-party EFB applications to
increase operational efficiency
>> Connect to any communications pipe on
board: cockpit and cabin SATCOM/HF/
>> Move data off the aircraft using least-cost
routing methods
Rockwell Collins delivers the expertise you need to understand
the complete airline end-to-end connectivity ecosystem and the
impact of a vast array of choices on your airline’s bottom line.
We can help you:
>> Learn how to leverage the advantages of a “managed aviation
network” to reduce communications costs
>> Take advantage of secure and private air and ground networks
built for mission-critical reliability: 99.999 percent network up
time assures your data is there when you need it
>> Manage multiple diverse aircraft communications links – and
add new links as technology evolves
>> Maintain cross-fleet commonality with all your aircraft and your
existing apps and tools
>> Obtain seamless translation of air and ground aviation and
IP-based messages for easier back-office integration
Rockwell Collins’ robust portfolio of information-enabled flight deck router solutions, global communications networks, back-office applications
and airline data services will help make a seamless, secure and integrated aviation ecosphere a reality for your airline.
>> Single unit combines crew Wi-Fi, AID, VDAR and QAR
>> Direct global on-ground cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity
>> ARINC 834-4 EFB interface
>> ARINC 232/422/429/717/Discrete/USB 2.0 interfaces
>> Ethernet 10/100/1000 BaseT
>> Ultra-secure WPA2 with firewall, VPN and OS hardening
Building trust every day.
Rockwell Collins delivers innovative aviation and high-integrity
solutions to commercial and government customers worldwide.
Backed by a global network of service and support, we stand
committed to putting technology and practical innovation to work
for you whenever and wherever you need us. In this way, working
together, we build trust. Every day.
>> Built-in configuration and maintenance tools
>> Available as option on Airbus A320neo/A330neo
>> Aftermarket STCs or OEM service bulletins
planned for many
aircraft types
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