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Rexel Alpha
Works Beautifully
Alpha Confetti Cut Shredder UK
Home Confetti Cut Shredder
Great value quality home shredder ­ cuts personal and confidential documents into small confetti style
pieces for added security and less frequent emptying. Compact and stylish, Rexel's home shredders are
designed to last, which is backed up by a 2 year guarantee. Rexel is proud to take the lead on safety ­ all
our home shredders meet international child finger safety standards.
Works Beautifully
Confetti­cut (4x38mm pieces) for maximum security
Easy lift off head for emptying
Shreds 5 sheets at a time for personal usage
14 litre capacity bin (60 sheets)
Accepts staples and paper clips
Auto start, stop and reverse functions
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