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Vital Signs Interface - AlphaMed Technologies
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Vital Signs Interface Product Bulletin
Practice Partner has developed a Welch Allyn vital signs interface enabling vital signs data capture
to be electronically transferred into Practice Partner Patient Records Version 8.1 and higher. This
means that you can acquire, display, and store vital sign results through PCs that are part of your
Practice Partner system. This connectivity streamlines the data capture of vital signs, improving
workflow efficiency.
Summary of Key Features and Benefits:
Streamline vital signs data capture
Seamless workflow integration
Eliminates manual entry of the vital signs
All vital signs (temp, BP, pulse, SpO2) can be acquired from one device
Questions about the Welch Allyn Vital Signs Interface:
Which vital sign monitors are supported?
You will be able to interface the following monitors into Practice Partner Patient Records v8.1 and
‒ Spot Device model 420: The Spot Vital Signs Device
is a fully automated hospital-grade vital signs device,
which is primarily used for spot-checking vitals in
physician offices and clinics.
Vital Signs Monitor 520 and 52000 models: This is an
automated vital signs monitor with programmable alarms
and built-in memory for up to 99 sets of measurement data.
It is primarily used for monitoring before, during and after,
conscious sedation procedures in ambulatory clinics, outpatient
surgery-centers and physicians’ offices.
What vital signs are imported into Patient Records?
Patient Records v8.1 and higher will import the following vital signs from the Welch Allyn devices:
‒ Temperature
‒ Systolic and Diastolic pressure
‒ SpO2 (oxygen saturation). Please note that the SpO2 reading will be displayed under
“Other” on the vital signs screen in Patient Records. Note: SpO2 is an option to the Welch
Allyn vital signs meters.
How is it installed?
To use the Welch Allyn vital signs interface all you need to do is connect the vital signs monitor to a
serial port on a workstation that has Patient Records v8.1 or higher. You may also connect the vital
signs monitor to a USB port if you use a serial to USB converter. No additional Practice Partner
software is needed.
What are the minimum hardware and software requirements?
To take advantage of the vital signs interface you must meet the following hardware and software
Practice Partner Patient Records v8.1 or higher
You will need a Welch Allyn connectivity accessory kit. The connectivity accessory is a serial
infrared cable that enables the transfer of vital signs data from the medical device to a PC,
or laptop. One cable is needed for each connected device installed. You can purchase the
connectivity kit for $250 through Welch Allyn. One connectivity kit is required for each vital
signs monitor. See the pricing section of this document for more details.
Make sure you have an available serial port to connect the device. If you do not have a
standard COM port name for the communication port through which the vital sign
equipment will interface to Practice Partner, you will need to specify the COM port.
If another device was previously connected to the serial port, you may need to restart your
Is there a USB version of the vials signs monitors?
Currently the Welch Allyn vital sign monitors only come with serial connections. However you can
use a serial to USB adaptor to acquire vitals from the Spot Device model 420 and the Vital Signs
Monitor 520 and 52000 models.
Can I acquire vital signs via a thin client connection?
To acquire vital signs via a thin client connection you must be using Practice Partner 8.1.1 and have
one of the following hardware combinations:
1. Using Terminal Server
‒ Windows Server 2003
‒ Windows XP workstation with Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Please
note that you can use Windows 95/98/ME/2000 workstations, however you will
have to download the appropriate RDP client from the Microsoft website at The difference is
that Windows XP comes with the RDP client already installed whereas Windows
95/98/ME/2000 workstations require that the RDP client be downloaded and
installed. The client software is called Remote Desktop Connection.
‒ A serial version of the Welch Allyn device
If you are using Windows 2000 or NT server you cannot acquire vital signs via terminal services. This
is because Windows 2000 or NT server does not allow serial port mapping. Currently only Windows
Server 2003 allows for serial port mapping.
2. Using Citrix
‒ Citrix server on a Windows 2003/2000/NT Server
‒ Citrix client on a Windows XP/2000/98/ME workstation
‒ A serial version of the Welch Allyn device
Can I acquire vital signs on an ASP Network?
Currently Practice Partner does not support the Welch Allyn Vital Sign monitors in an ASP setting.
We do plan to test these devices in upcoming releases.
How much does the Welch Allyn Vital Signs interface cost?
Practice Partner does not charge for the Welch Allyn vital signs interface. However you will need to
purchase a Welch Allyn connectivity accessory kit. The price for the connectivity kit is:
$250 for each connected vitals monitor (includes serial IR cable)
$50 for each additional cable
Example: You have 15 exam rooms and would like to purchase 5 Spot devices. You would order 5
connectivity kits at $250 each, and 10 additional cables for $50 each. The infrared vitals
connectivity accessory would be connected to each PC workstation in all 15 rooms. Typical
workflow is as follows:
The 5 Spot devices would be stored in an easily accessible central storage triage station and carried
into the individual exam rooms, as patient flow dictated. Once in the room, the nurse would
access the patient record and enter patient history of present illness with your EMR and click on the
Vitals option from the drop down menu in Practice Partner.
The patient’s vitals would be taken, by pushing one button on the Spot device. The vitals are
reviewed and confirmed and the data is placed directly into the vital signs section of the patient’s
chart. The whole vitals collection and transfer process takes about 45 seconds to capture blood
pressure, temperature, pulse and SPO2.
When the RN is done with their portion of the patient exam, the Spot device would be carried back
to the central storage station and made available for another clinician with the next patient.
Where can I purchase a Welch Allyn Vital Signs Monitor and connectivity kit?
To order the Welch Allyn Vital Sign monitors or connectivity accessories call 1-800-535-6663. To
find an authorized Welch Allyn distributor near you visit:
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