Switch and swap

Switch and swap
| Corporate office, India
Hurrairah bin Sohail discovers how integrator Play Technologies was able to deliver meeting rooms
that allow for complete flexibility when it comes to presentation sources and display output.
Switch and swap
orporate meeting rooms pose
integrators. In such spaces, the
end-user has a clear idea of how
they want to the room to function
and how presentation should feel. It is the job of
the integrator to marry the ideas of the corporate
32 | May 2017
The display swapping was a difficult
task. We did some brain storming and finally
came up with the solution.
- Sachin Jain, Play Technologies
and lighting and automation control.”
use a dedicated computer in the room to access
end-user with the limitations of budget, time
Discussions with the end-user established the
the company local network and to be able to
frame and technology. Play Technologies, an
requirements and key deliverables. Jain says:
present on any of the displays. They required the
integrator in India, had to surmount this very
“The client briefed that they required multi-
hardwired connectivity of a laptop presentation
challenge when it was contracted to deliver two
presentation simultaneously and they needed
point and wireless presentation functionality.
meeting rooms.
the flexibility to openly present to any of the
With regards to the connected display computer
Sachin Jain, principal designer at Play
available display quadrants as well as annotation.
they also needed a single common wireless
Technologies, details the involvement of the
The client also needed the lighting scenes and
keyboard and mouse to be used for all five
moods to be customised as per their need and all
computers which are connected to the respective
commissioned the entire AV system and facility
systems should support automation with touch
five displays by using keypad mouse selection
which included two rooms (the informal room and
screens so that operations can be managed
features in touch panel interface.”
the formal room). The client can use the formal
without using multiple remotes.”
Formal room
room for higher level finance and presentation
He continues: “They required presentation
or meetings. The informal room can be used for
flexibility where the employee can walk into
smaller presentations and meetings. The spaces
the room and start presenting without carrying
Jain says: “The formal room needed to have
include multiple displays, audio reinforcement
a laptop with him or her. They wanted staff to
Corporate office, India |
PowerPoint presentations. There is a thin PC which
is connected to each of the displays. It is possible
to annotate presented content via an embedded
PC or through AV floor points if you are not using
wireless presentation. At any time, any connected
source can go to any display. The display content
At any time, any connected source can
go to any display. The display content can be
swapped between any display including the
current active presenter display.
can be swapped between any display including
- Sachin Jain, Play Technologiess
the current active presenter display.”
The displays used include a Sony VPL-
device at the same time in the same room. Each
mouse. Initially we gave a choice for the wireless
SW630C projector, a Smart M-685 board and
person simply pushes the ‘show me’ button to
keyboard and mouse based on the computer
four LG 43-in display panels that have custom
display content from his or her device. In quad
with which it would be attached. But the client
touch overlays. Five Dell thin client PCs serve
view mode, up to four presenters’ content
told us that they needed a selection method
as the input.
can be displayed simultaneously, making true
for choosing a display where the keyboard and
collaboration possible.”
mouse could function without knowing which
The display system is managed by two Atlona
matrix switchers which are supported by Atlona
Audio in the formal room is provided by two
source was currently running on the display.
scalers, transmitters and receivers. A Crestron
Stonewater CS-6LE ceiling speakers powered by
Or senior programming team worked on the
CP3 provides control while Crestron keypads
an Apart Audio Concept1 amplifier. Jain says:
problem and we worked with the USB back-
and power supply units have also been used.
“We have provided two ceiling speakers to play
end to solve this. There was also the fact that
Play Technologies worked hard to deliver
audio from the video content which will cover
initially the client did not want touch displays
specific features such as annotation. Jain
all the area. Here you have an option to choose
but after requisitioning of the panels they
details: “A USB backbone has been used to
any of your desired audio source which you
changed their mind.”
provide annotation. Basically there are several
want to play by using an iPad (GUI).”
Cat6 extenders which carry the USB signal over
a longer distance to the rack and to the local
Informal room
area. There are four LED screen annotative
Jain adds: “Another interesting aspect of
the project was that the client wanted to be
able to swap the content from one display to
another as per their requirements. For all the
touch application frames which have been
Jain says: “For the informal room, a basic system
five displays it should be possible to shift the
used to make normal displays into interactive
which can be used by multiple people has been
video content from one to another display. This
displays for annotation to be possible.”
deployed for the presentation of content side by
involves switching sources and we worked hard
side and also they have full access to annotation.
to make this happen.”
interactive white board is used for large screen
Predefined lighting moods can be customised by
He continues: “The display swapping was a
content presentation along with annotation. In
the help of a keypad. So overall it is a basic, small
difficult task. We did some brain storming and
addition, the Smart unit helps with access of
AV facility where the client can come and start
finally came up with the solution where we take
content from the network storage when the right
viewing the presentation content and be prepared
all the source feedback from the
credentials have been entered. This allows the
for the main presentation session discussing with
multiple displays and by triggering
user to access content without going near their
others at the time of main presentation session. A
the opposite source to a display it
laptop and without using a keyboard or a mouse.
single rack houses of all back-end systems for the
was possible to achieve the desired
Apart Audio Concept1
They are free to select or operate the desired
formal and informal room and this rack is located
content on an embedded computer or laptop.”
in a hub room.”
Stonewater CS-6LE ceiling
In conclusion, Jain says: “We
Tech Spec
A Crestron Air Media AM-100 is used to provide
The informal room features two LG 43-in
worked together with the client to
wireless presentation. Jain says: “Wireless HD
displays with touch overlays. Like the formal
be a complete AV solution provider
Atlona matrix switcher,
scaler, transmitters,
presentation from any device and platform has
room, two Stonewater CS-6LE ceiling speakers
from the start; understanding the
Dell thin client PCs
been provided. This means you can walk in to any
powered by an Apart Audio Concept1 amplifier
requirements of the customer with
LG 43-in 43SE3KB panels
meeting space and wirelessly present PowerPoint,
deliver audio. Control is made possible by a
estimated budget and the timeline
Logitech wireless mouse
and keyboard
Excel and Word documents, PDFs, photos, and
Crestron CP3 processor.
and what they were looking for
Smart Technologies
M-685 board
screen shots from your personal iOS or Android
Regarding the project, Jain says: “The key
with regards to their expected
mobile device on the room display. Mac and
challenge that we faced was the fact there are
application of the solution. We
Windows notebooks also connect seamlessly,
nine sources and connected to these are five
have implemented a solution that
making presentations and collaboration from
dedicated computers which are then connected
meets their requirements and
almost any device incredibly fast and easy. Up to
to the switcher which will be used to manage
goes beyond what they initially
32 people can connect to wireless presentation
the five displays and the wireless keyboard and
Sony VPL-SW630C
Apple iPad
Crestron CP3 processor,
keypads, power supply
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