Richter Optica Digital Camera Quickstart Guide

Richter Optica Digital Camera Quickstart Guide
Digital Camera: Quick Start Guide
For use with U1D, UX-1D, U2D, S2D & S6D models
1. Insert the disk with the software into a CD reader on your computer. Do
not have the camera plugged into the computer for this function.
a. The software should load automatically. Respond to any of the
questions from the Installation Wizard
2. After the software is installed, close the software if it has been opened
during the installation process and eject the disc.
3. Plug the camera into a USB port.
4. When the camera is first plugged into the USB port, it will automatically
install the drivers (This may take a few minutes to complete on your
5. Open the software labeled “ToupView”.
6. In the upper left corner, there is a box "Camera List". Your camera should
be displayed in this box (the camera model is listed on the camera and on
the camera box). Click on this camera to open a live image display.
7. The various camera controls are displayed down the left hand side of the
screen and are self explanatory.
8. The special camera functions are contained in tabs across the top of the
9. There is a complete manual on the same CD as the software.
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