driver installation guide

driver installation guide
Please read this installation guide before installing
the USB driver of the cloning cable or the data cable.
• The USB driver cannot be used with Microsoft®
Windows® 8.1 and Microsoft® Windows® 8.
• These instructions are based on using Windows 7.
• After the USB driver installation has been completed (Step 1), connect the cable to the PC (Step 2).
• The displayed dialog boxes, indications or operations may differ slightly from the following instructions, depending on your operating system, system settings and its service pack level.
DRIVER installation (STEP 1)
hen installing the USB driver, log in as the adminW
sure Windows has completed it’s start-up, and
no other applications are running.
wwOpen the unzipped folder in the file downloading
eeDouble click “ICOM USB DriverInstaller_A.exe.”
• When “User Account Control” appears, click [Yes]
to continue.
rr“Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for ICOM USBto serial Ver. A” appears.
Click [Next >] to begin the installation.
After completing Step 1, connect the cable to the PC,
then the PC automatically starts the USB-to-Serial
Comm Port installation.
the cloning cable or data cable to the USB
cable, and then connect the USB cable to the PC’s
USB port, as illustrated below.
• Attach the Ferrite EMI filter to the strain relief of the
USB cable.
Strain relief
USB cable
to the USB port
Cloning Cable
or Data Cable
ttIf “Windows Security” appears, click “Install.”
yyAfter the installation has completed, “InstallShield
Wizard Complete” appears.
Click [Finish].
wwThis dialog box appears on the desktop. Wait a moment until it changes.
eeThe USB driver installation is complete when this
dialog box appears.
After the driver installation has been completed, confirm the driver availability and the port number.
The COM port number is used to set communication
with the cloning software.
the Windows “START” icon.
wwRight click [Computer] in the <Start> menu, and then
click [Properties], as shown below.
• (Control Panel u System and Maintenance u)
“System” appears.
rrClick “” next to “Ports (COM&LPT).”
Confirm “Icom USB-to-Serial Comm. Port (COM✱)”
is displayed.
• In this example, the COM port number is “4.”
w Right Click
e Click
q Click
w Confirm
q Click
eeClick [Device Manager].
• “Device Manager” appears.
• If the COM port number is not displayed, or several numbers are displayed at the same time like
“Icom USB-to-Serial Comm. Port (COM✱)
(COM✱),” the driver may not be installed properly.
In such case, uninstall the USB driver and install it
• You can uninstall the program using the “Uninstall
a program” in the Windows Control Panel.
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