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Hapro Topaz 8 V HB 554
Look beautiful, feel great
A great full-body tan
Full-size tanning bed that can be folded away for convenient storage. 8 Cleo
Performance S tubes and built-in adjustable timer.
Experience great tanning results
• 8 Cleo Performance S tubes for highly effective tanning
Space saving storage
• Foldaway upright storage to save space
• 4 wheels for easy transportation and storage
Enjoyable tanning
• Comfortable 1-sided tanning while you lie on your bed / sofa
• Easy height adjustment to set your tanning distance
• Body and lamp cooler with 1 silent fan
• Electro-mechanic timer to set your preferred tanning time
Safe tanning
• Acrylic sheets to protect your body from lamp contact
• Automatic shut-off after 30 mins with double safety function
• 2 pairs of eye-protecting goggles
• 8 Philips Cleo Performance S tubes
• Foldaway upright storage
• Comfortable tanning on your own
bed or sofa
• Electro-mechanic timer
Product highlights
8 Philips Cleo Performance S tubes
Philips Cleo Performance S tubes ensure an optimal and
even tanning result in a short amount of time.
Electronic Features
• Voltage: 230 V
• Frequency: 50 Hz
• Power: 935 W
• Lamps: 8 x Cleo Performance S 100 W
• Starter: 8 x S12 Starter, or Cleo Starter
• Number of fans: 1
• Cord length: 3 m
• Reflector: Integrated in protection sheet
Foldaway upright storage
The sun canopy can be folded away and stored upright
in order to save space when not in use. It can also be
easily stored out of sight, without taking up a complete
room in your home.
4 wheels for easy transportation and storage
The 4 Castor wheels make it easy to transport and store
the sun canopy.
Comfortable tanning on your own bed or sofa
As the sun canopy is a 1-sided tanning appliance, you
can use it lying down where you are most comfortable.
It is easy to fold out over a bed or sofa.
Easy height adjustment
The height of the sun canopy can be adjusted easily
between 67 and 97cm, depending on the height of your
bed. This ensures an optimal distance from your body
to the canopy. There is a gasspring in the stand which
makes the lifting of the canopy light and makes the use
of a bolt redundant.
Acrylic sheets for body protection
The acrylic sheets protect your body from contact with
the lamps in the unlikely event that the Suncanopy tips
over. The sheets make it impossible for your body to
come into direct contact with the lamps.
Automatic shut-off with double safety function
The Sunbed automatically shuts off after 30 minutes to
prevent you from tanning too long (e.g. when you fall
asleep while tanning). The double safety function
ensures that the Sunbed also shuts down if the timer
2 pairs of eye-protecting goggles
Two pairs of goggles are included, to protect your eyes
from the UV light.
Body and lamp cooler with 1 silent fan
Combined cooling of the lamps and the users’ body by
means of 1 silent fan.
Electro-mechanic timer
The electro-mechanic timer allows you to set the length
of your tanning session to suit your preference.
Logistic data
• Product size closed: 650x870x1900
(vertical) mm
• Product size open: 1870x870x1100
(horizontal) mm
• Packaging size canopy: 2110x1070x360 mm
• Canopy weight (excl. packaging): 38 kg
• Canopy weight (incl. packaging): 42 kg
• Pallet quantity: 5
• EAN code: 87 122329 07 59 1
• Artnr.: 17430
• Country of origin: The Netherlands
• Insulation: Kema Class II (double Insulated)
• Safety norm: acc. to European CENELEC
requirements, UV type III
• Number of safety goggles: 2
Easy to use
• Height Adjustment: with gasspring, 67-97 cm
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