Free License Instructions

Free License Instructions
DreamTeam for Free Edition Users
Your Salesforce account has 100 free licenses that you can activate to run thirdparty applications such as DreamTeam.
You can now extend the reach of the DreamTeam Project Management system to new
departments that don’t require full Salesforce licenses or to external parties (e.g., contractors)
that necessitate limited access.
The free licenses are a great way to add new project contributors to your Org and
include them in your centralized process for task management and time and expense tracking.
This document explains how to set up DreamTeam to support Free Edition users in
your Org.
Step 1 – Get Free Edition Licenses
Visit to learn more about
Free Edition. To set up Free Edition licenses in your Org, follow the steps below:
1. Log in to your Salesforce Org.
2. Select “ Checkout” in the “ Apps” Menu. If this is your first visit to
Checkout, a portal user will automatically be created and you will receive an email. After
receiving the email, proceed to Checkout. (Note: If you do not have access to
Checkout, contact your Salesforce sales representative).
3. In the Quote window, you will see 5 tabs across the top: Basic Information, Salesforce
Edition, Additional Products, Partner Products, Quote Summary. On the Editions tab, select
“ Free Edition.” The Quantity defaults to 100. The price is $0.
4. Continue through to the Quote Summary tab and select the “Checkout” button.
5. Continue through to the Order Review tab, click the box to agree to the legal terms, then
select “Place Order” button.
6. You will receive an email that your order has been placed.
Step 2 – Install DreamTeam in your Org
If you’ve already installed DreamTeam, you can skip this step.
Go to
Search for “DreamTeam.”
Select “DreamTeam Project Management.”
Click on the red “Get It Now” button.
Follow the instructions to install DreamTeam in your Org. (Note: You must be a Salesforce
Administrator to install DreamTeam).
Step 3 – Create “DreamTeam Time & Expense” Tab
In Salesforce Setup, go to App Setup > Create > Tabs.
Select to create a new web tab.
In Step 1, select Full page width.
In Step 2, select URL as tab type and specify tab label, name, style and content frame.
5. In Step 3, copy the following text into the Link URL text area:
custom_appl_flags=project manager, database, snapshot, import26%export, document manager,
timesheet editor, project reporter, application builder
6. In Step 4, set default tab visibility to Off for all profiles.
7. In Step 5, uncheck “Include Field.”
8. Click Save to save the tab.
Step 4 – Create “DreamTeam Time & Expense” Application
1. In Salesforce Setup, go to App Setup > Create > Apps.
2. Select to create a new app.
3. In Step 1, specify an app label and name.
4. In Step 2, select the DreamFactory logo.
5. In Step 3, add the DreamFactory T&E tab to the application and set this tab as the default
landing tab.
6. In Step 4, don’t make any changes. We’ll assign the new application to a profile later.
7. Click Save to save the application.
Step 5 – Create “DreamTeam Time & Expense” Profile
1. In Salesforce Setup, go to Administration Setup > Manage Users > Profiles.
2. Select to create a new profile.
3. Select “ – Free User” as the existing profile and enter a name for the new profile
(e.g., DreamTeam Time & Expense).
4. Click Save to save the profile.
5. Click Edit to edit profile settings.
6. In Custom App Settings, set “DreamTeam Time & Expense” as the default application.
7. In Tab Settings, hide all tabs except DreamTeam T&E.
8. In Custom Object permissions, check Read, Write, Edit and Delete permissions for all
DreamTeam custom objects.
9. Click Save to save profile settings.
Step 6 – Assign Free Edition Users to “DreamTeam Time & Expense” Profile
1. In Salesforce Setup, go to Administration Setup > Manage Users > Users.
2. Select to create a new user.
3. Fill in all required user fields. Set user license to “ – Free” and profile to
“DreamTeam Time & Expense.”
4. Click Save to save the new user.
Step 7 – Add DreamTeam Licenses
1. In DreamTeam, select Support > License Manager.
2. Follow licensing instructions.
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