Control-R™ Wi-Fi Module

Control-R™ Wi-Fi Module
Control-R™ Wi-Fi Module
Installation Manual
If you have support questions, please call Customer Care and have
your Control-R™ Wi-Fi module’s AYLA ID and Water Heater Serial
Number available.
AYLA ID: ____________________________
(Located on back of Control-R™ Wi-Fi Module)
Water Heater Serial Number: ____________________________
(Located on side of water heater)
Rinnai Customer Care 1-800-621-9419
Thank You For Your Purchase
Thank you for purchasing the Rinnai® Control-R™ Wi-Fi Module
(referred to as “module” throughout this manual). Before installing
and operating the module, be sure to read these instructions to
familiarize yourself with the module’s features and functionality.
Please Read and Save This Manual
Please read this manual and save for future reference.
If You Need Service
Please call Rinnai Customer Care at 1-800-621-9419 Monday to Friday
between 8 AM to 8 PM EST. Please have the following information
 AYLA ID (Located on back of Control-R™ Wi-Fi Module)
 Water Heater Serial Number (Located on side of water heater)
FCC Part 15
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject
to the following two conditions:
 This device may not cause harmful interference.
 This device must accept any interference received, including
interference that may cause undesired operation.
Rinnai® Control-R™ Wi-Fi Module Installation Manual
Product Specifications
Part Number: RWM101
Works with all Rinnai Tankless Water Heater models manufactured 2006 and
later (except the RH180 Hybrid Tank-Tankless Water Heater).
Note: The Lime Condition (LC) notification will not appear in the Rinnai App
when the module is paired with the following series of Rinnai tankless
water heaters: VA, VB, KA and V53e.
Attaches to the side of the water heater via the magnetic enclosure (indoor
models only) or mounts to an indoor wall with supplied mounting hardware.
The module must be mounted indoors.
Pairs to only one Rinnai Tankless Water Heater.
Compatible with the following Wireless Demand Recirculation Accessories:
Push Button, Motion Sensor and Temperature Sensor.
Dimensions (w, h, d):
 Module:
 Shipping Carton:
3.69” x 3.69” x 1.18” (94 mm x 94 mm x 29.97 mm)
6.125” x 2.88” x 6” (155.6 mm x 73 mm x 152.4 mm)
1.18” / 29.97 mm
3.69” / 94 mm
3.69” / 94 mm
Module: 4.8 oz (0.14 kg)
Shipping Carton: 6 oz (0.17 kg)
Supported Devices:
 Apple® devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.) running operating system 8.0 or higher.
 Android® devices (phones, tablets, etc.) running operating system 4.4 or higher.
 BlackBerry® devices are NOT supported.
 802.11N Wi-Fi Network up to 2.4 GHz
 NOT COMPATIBLE with the MC-195T-US or MC-100V controllers
Rinnai® Control-R™ Wi-Fi Module Installation Manual
Unpack System Contents
Carefully unpack your system contents. If any part of the system appears
damaged, do not attempt to use it. Contact Rinnai Customer Care
(1-800-621-9419) or your authorized Rinnai Service Provider.
WARNING: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep plastic bags out of the
reach of children.
Check to be sure your system includes the following parts:
 Rinnai Control-R™ Module (including 5 feet/1.5 meters
of wire for water heater connection)
 Wall mounting hardware (2 anchors/2 screws)
 Rinnai Control-R™ Wi-Fi Module Installation Manual
(this document)
Required Devices, Tools and Information (Customer-Supplied)*
Mobile device connected to home/business network
 Router with Wi-Fi
 Wireless network name and Wi-Fi password
 2.4GHZ Wi-Fi network with WPA 2 security protocols
 Water Heater Serial Number or QR Code (located on water heater side
panel on cardboard packaging)
 Tools (Below are example images of required tools and are used for
illustrative purposes only. Your tools may differ from the images
shown below.)
* Note: The above items, with the exception of the tools, are not
required if operating only the Wireless Demand Recirculation accessories (Push
Button, Motion Sensor and Temperature Sensor).
Note: Wire Stripper/Crimping Tool
required only if extending the
length of the wires that connect the
module to the water heater.
Rinnai® Control-R™ Wi-Fi Module Installation Manual
Select a Location for Your Module
Use the following guidelines to select a location for the module.
 Choose a central location inside the home or business where the Wi-Fi
signal is strong.
Note: If the water heater is located where the Wi-Fi signal is weak
(such as basements or a mechanical room), the module is designed so
that wiring can run up to 300 feet (91 meters) away from the tankless
water heater to ensure a strong Wi-Fi signal (18-22 gauge wire is
 Ensure that adequate space surrounds the module for service and
support needs.
 For outdoor water heaters, the module must be installed indoors.
 The module is magnetic and can be placed on the side of the Rinnai
tankless water heater (indoor models only) or mounted to a wall. See
the next section for installation instructions.
Install the Module
Two options are available for installing the module:
Option 1: Magnetic Mount
The module contains a strong magnetic backing and can easily be
placed on the side of the water heater (indoor models only).
Option 2: Wall Mount
The module can be mounted to a wall with the supplied mounting
hardware. Refer to the next section for steps on mounting the
module to a wall.
Rinnai® Control-R™ Wi-Fi Module Installation Manual
Mount the Module to a Wall
You Will Need:
Two (2) anchors and two (2) screws (supplied with system)
Tools shown in the “Unpack System Contents” section
1. The module’s back panel contains two keyhole slots that support the
module. Mark the location of each slot on the wall with a
pencil. The distance between the two slots is 1.9” (48 mm).
Use a level to ensure the slots are even.
1.9” (48 mm)
2. Use a power drill to drill pilot holes for the module screws and
Rinnai® Control-R™ Wi-Fi Module Installation Manual
Mount the Module to a Wall (Continued)
3. Insert the supplied two wall
anchors into each hole until
they sit flush against the wall.
4. Insert the supplied screws into
the anchors and fasten to the
wall leaving 1/4” exposed.
5. Mount the module by placing
the keyhole slots (on back of
module) onto the screws.
Rinnai® Control-R™ Wi-Fi Module Installation Manual
Connect Module to Water Heater
WARNING To protect yourself from harm, follow the steps below
before wiring the module:
Turn off the electrical power supply by unplugging the power cord or
by turning off the electricity at the circuit breaker. The temperature
controller does not control the electrical power.
Turn off the gas at the manual gas valve, usually located immediately
below the water heater.
Turn off the incoming water supply. This can be done at the isolation
valve immediately below the water heater or by turning off the water
supply to the building.
1. Unplug the water heater.
Note: Pressing the ON/OFF button on the controller does not
completely power off the water heater.
2. Remove the four (4) screws located on the water heater cover.
3. Two (2) wires are attached to the bottom of the module. Place these
wires through the bottom opening of the water heater.
4. Attach each module wire to the terminals for control.
5. Replace and tighten the four (4) screws on the water heater cover.
Module Wires
Rinnai® Control-R™ Wi-Fi Module Installation Manual
Wi-Fi Setup Instructions (For Owner)
This Section Must be Performed By the
Water Heater Owner (Homeowner/Business Owner)
Owner Instructions:
1. Power on the water heater. The LED light on the module will blink
yellow until boot-up is complete and will then turn solid red.
LED light
2. Download the Rinnai app from the
Apple® Store or Google® Play Store.
3. Follow the steps in the Rinnai App to create an account and activate
the module. Detailed instructions can be found online at When setup is complete, the owner will have
access to remotely monitor and control their Rinnai tankless water
heater using their smart device.
Pairing Instructions
The module can be paired with the following Wireless Demand
Recirculation Accessories: Push Button, Motion Sensor and Temperature
For complete instructions on installing and pairing the Wireless Demand
Recirculation Accessories to the module, refer to the instructions
included in the accessory package.
The accessory installation instructions can be viewed online at
Rinnai® Control-R™ Wi-Fi Module Installation Manual
LED Color Codes
Blink Frequency
State / Condition
Start of Boot-up
Error Condition /
Not Provisioned
Until next state
Until next state
0.5 Hz
On 1 second,
Off 1 second
Wifi Provisioned, but
No IP Address Yet
ZigBee* Pairing Mode
Until IP address
Until next state
Timeout or successful
ZigBee join
0.5 Hz
On 0.25 seconds,
Off 0.25 seconds
2 Hz
On 0.25 seconds,
Off 0.25 seconds
ZigBee* Join Success
2 seconds
0.5 Hz
On 1 second,
Off 1 second
Attempting Gateway
Registration with Cloud
Ready to Use /
Normal Operation
Until next state
Cloud service
Until next state
Successful registration
with Cloud Service
Until next state
0.5 Hz
On 1 second,
Off 1 second
Lost Connection to
Wi-Fi Network
Until connection is
Lost Connection to
Until connection is
.5 Hz
On 1 second,
Off 1 second
Factory Reset Mode
Until button is
Wi-Fi Network
Successfully Joined
* ZigBee is a wireless technology that is used for remote control and sensor
applications. Zigbee is used for device-to-device communication, such as
Rinnai’s recirculation accessories and Control-R™ Wi-Fi Module.
Rinnai® Control-R™ Wi-Fi Module Installation Manual
LED on Rinnai module does
not turn on.
Rinnai App cannot detect
Local Area Network (LAN)
Wi-Fi signal.
Local Area Network (LAN)
Wi-Fi signal is detected but
the Rinnai App cannot
Ensure the module is properly connected to
the “Terminals for Control” on the PC
Ensure power is supplied to the water
Ensure the Local Area Network (LAN) Wi-Fi
meets the requirements of the module.
Ensure Wi-Fi router is powered and
properly functioning.
Ensure Local Area Network (LAN) Wi-Fi is
Ensure module is installed in a location with
strong signal strength.
Ensure correct Local Area Network (LAN) Wi
-Fi password has been entered (if required).
Press “Cancel” in the Rinnai App and repeat
the setup process starting from pairing the
module with the Rinnai App.
Rinnai module is paired and Return to the “Add Device” screen. Press the
connected (LED is blinking
“Connect” button on the module and then
blue) to Local Area Network press the “Register” button in the Rinnai App.
(LAN) Wi-Fi but registration
is interrupted.
For further information concerning the Wi-Fi router, please contact the
router manufacturer.
For further information regarding internet service, please contact the
Internet Service Provider (ISP).
For all other questions, contact Rinnai Customer Care at 1-800-621-9419.
Rinnai® Control-R™ Wi-Fi Module Installation Manual
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