100/T1.9 and 180/T2.8 Lens Flare Set

100/T1.9 and 180/T2.8 Lens Flare Set
Master Anamorphic Lenses 100/T1.9
and 180/T2.8 Lens Flare Set
Date: May 2016
Flare Set User Manual
Front Flare Element
Rear Flare Element
User Manual
Intended use
The Master Anamorphic Lens Flare Sets are designed to be used on ARRI/ZEISS
Master Anamorphic lenses. Each Flare Set should only be used on the specified
focal length.
Safety tips
To ensure proper and safe use, we recommend that you read these safety
and operating instructions before using the product and then store them.
Non-observance can lead to injury or damage.
Master Anamorphic Lenses 100/T1.9 and 180/T2.8
1.During the assembly ensure that the environment is clean and free from
dust so that no dust particles can enter the lens.
2.To tighten and untighten the screws only use a T4 torque wrench with
a torque of 0.15Nm. If you use the lens in a rough environment please secure the tightness of the screws afterwards with the T4 torque
wrench (same procedure as with the lug nuts on your car).
3.ZEISS uses locking varnish on the screws. As you remove the screws from .the lens we recommend to throw them away. Otherwise particles
of the dried locking varnish could soil the lens.
4.Only tighten or untighten the screws described in this manual. Otherwise
you will lose performance and warranty.
5.Smudges and fingerprints on the lens surface can be removed with the ZEISS lens cleaning kit.
6.In case of further questions please contact an ARRI Service Station
(www.arri.de/service) or a ZEISS Cine Service Station
(+49 7364 20- 6175 or www.zeiss.com/cine)
Safety and handling
Never point the flare elements or the lens directly towards the sun, because
you can significantly damage your eyesight. Store the flare elements into
their boxes when they are not in use. Otherwise they could start a fire!
Storage and transportation
Use the product only in temperatures ranging between -20°C and 40°C.
The product is not water resistant or waterproof, but it is equipped with dust
and weather seals to ensure weather protection when attached to the lens and
used in normal conditions. Protect the camera and lens appropriately when in
rainy or damp environments.
Should the product be exposed to moisture, dismount it from the camera.
Allow the device to dry completely before using it again. Do not attempt to dry
the product with the help of an external heat source, e.g. in a microwave oven
or using a hairdryer.
Version 05/2016
Version 05/2016
Flare Set User Manual
Master Anamorphic Lenses 100/T1.9 and 180/T2.8
Assembly instruction for front group
Assembly instruction for rear group
Untighten the front trim ring with the friction wrench and remove it by
hand (Fig.2).
ndo the Torx T4 screws in the rear element (Fig.4) and carefully remove
the element (Fig.3).
ndo the Torx T4 screws in the compendium/matte box ring and carefully
pull it off (Fig. 3).
Insert the new rear element and tighten the Torx T4 screws (Fig.4).
Undo the inner Torx T4 screws, which hold the front lens element, and
remove this element (Fig.1).
Reinsert the compendium ring in the correct position [index marks on the
compendium ring and index ring aligned; cut-out in the compendium ring and LDS contact socket aligned] (Fig.3) and secure it with the Torx T4 screws.
Reseat the trim ring [secure a straight position] and tighten it with the
friction wrench.
Insert the new front element and tighten the Torx T4 screws.
Inner Torx T4 screws
Front element
Torx T4 M1.7x6.0
INR 534-469 (6x)
Torque 0.15 Nm
Front trim ring
Torx T4 screws
MA 100
MA 180
Torx T4 M1.7x6.0
INR 534-469 (4x)
Torque 0.15 Nm
Torx T4 M1.7x8.0
INR 534-470 (6x)
Torque 0.15 Nm
friction wrench
Compendium/matte box ring
Version 05/2016
Torx T4 M1.7x3.5
INR 534-466 (8x)
Torque 0.15 Nm
Index mark
LDS contact socket
Rear element
Version 05/2016
Legal Disclaimer
Before using the products described in this manual be sure to read and understand all respective
The ARRI/ZEISS Master Anamorphic Lens Flare Sets are only available to commercial customers. The
customer grants by utilization that the Master Anamorphic Lens Flare Sets or other components of the
system are deployed for commercial use. Otherwise the customer has the obligation to contact ARRI/
ZEISS preceding the utilization. While ARRI/ZEISS endeavors to enhance the quality, reliability and safety
of their products, customers agree and acknowledge that the possibility of defects thereof cannot be
eliminated entirely. To minimize risk of damage to property or injury (including death) to persons arising
from defects in the products, customers must incorporate sufficient safety measures in their work with
the system and have to heed the stated canonic use.
ARRI/ZEISS or its subsidiaries do not assume any responsibility for incurred losses due to improper
handling or configuration of the Master Anamorphic Lens Flare Sets or other system components.
ARRI/ZEISS assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear in this document. The information is
subject to change without notice.
For product specification changes since this manual was published, refer to the latest publications of
ARRI/ZEISS data sheets or data books, etc., for the most up-to-date specifications. Not all products and/or
types are available in every country. Please check with an ARRI/ZEISS sales representative for availability
and additional information.
Neither ARRI/ZEISS nor its subsidiaries assume any liability for infringement of patents, copyrights or
other intellectual property rights of third parties by or arising from the use of ARRI/ZEISS products or any
other liability arising from the use of such products. No license, express, implied or otherwise, is granted
under any patents, copyrights or other intellectual property right of ARRI/ZEISS or others.
ARRI/ZEISS or its subsidiaries expressly exclude any liability, warranty, demand or other obligation for any
claim, representation, or cause, or action, or whatsoever, express or implied, whether in contract or tort,
including negligence, or incorporated in terms and conditions, whether by statue, law or otherwise. In no
event shall ARRI/ZEISS or its subsidiaries be liable for or have a remedy for recovery of any special, direct,
indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, including, but not limited to lost profits, lost savings, lost
revenues or economic loss of any kind or for any claim by third party, downtime, good-will, damage to or
replacement of equipment or property, any cost or recovering of any material or goods associated with
the assembly or use of our products, or any other damages or injury of the persons and so on or under
any other legal theory.
In the case one or all of the foregoing clauses are not allowed by applicable law, the fullest extent
permissible clauses by applicable law are validated.
Version 05/2016
Version 05/2016
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