Lecture Room 1

Lecture Room 1
University of Pittsburgh Office of Medical Education
Instructions: Lecture Room 1
Turning on the System:
1. On the podium panel select “Display: On”. The projector may take
up to a minute before the screen displays anything.
To Use a Laptop:
1. Select “PC” on the podium panel
2. Connect the laptop to the monitor cable in podium.
3. Plug the headphone cable into the headphone jack on your
laptop (if you wish to have sound).
4. There is a switch box located inside the podium. Press the button
labeled 2 (laptop).
5. Turn on the laptop.
6. If you DO NOT see your computer screen displayed by the
a. Ensure that the PC button on the podium panel is pressed.
b. If the image from your laptop still does not appear on the
LCD screen, check your video settings. (Use Fn + F7 or F8
on your keyboard; it may be marked CRT/LCD or have an
icon resembling a TV set.)
To use the Microphone
1. Make sure the system is powered ON
2. Push the grey button at the base of the microphone. (A green
LED should light up to indicate the Mic is on)
To use the DVD player:
1. Make sure the system is turned on
2. Select DVD/VCR on the podium panel.
Shutting Down the System:
1. Unplug the cables from your laptop.
2. To turn off the system, press the “Display: Off” button on the
podium panel. This will initiate the shut down process which may
take a few moments.
3. Turn off the DVD player
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