bluetooth speaker instruction 09.24.15

bluetooth speaker instruction 09.24.15
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POWER: Hold down the On/Off button for 3 seconds and
listen for the beeping sound.
PLAY/PAUSE: Press button once, do not hold, to play
or pause music.
VOLUME+/NEXT: Hold down button to increase the volume.
Press once to skip to next song.
Wireless Speaker
VOLUME-/PREVIOUS: Hold down button to decrease the
volume. Press once to play previous song.
PHONE: The music will automatically pause when receiving
a phone call. Press this button to answer the call.
Press again to hang up.
MIC: Microphone will pick up your voice from up to 3 feet away.
USB Charging Cable
• Waterproof: Ipx5
• Transmission distance: up to 30 feet
LED Indicator
• Voltage Input: DC 5V, Output power: 3W
• Built-in battery; 500mAh
• Charging time: about 2 hours
• Playtime: about 5 hours at mid volume
1. Check if the speaker is turned on or is fully charged.
1. Insert the charging cable into the DC SV socket on
the side of the speaker. Then Connect the USB plug into
a PC or AC/DC adaptor. The LED Indicator turns red and
the battery is being charged. For first time use, charge unit
for about 8 hours.
2. Check if the speaker is connected with the
Bluetooth® device.
1. Check if the battery capacity is low. If so, recharge.
2. Check if the speaker is too far from the paired Bluetooth®
device or if there are too many obstacles between them.
2. When the battery is fully charged, the red LED light goes off.
Please carefully read the following instructions to
insure your safety:
• Power from DC 5V only. DO NOT charge using any
other voltage.
• This is not a toy and should be kept away from small children.
1. Turn on the speaker and Bluetooth® device (smart phone,
tablet, or computer) and make it discoverable (see device’s
instructions to add or setup a Bluetooth® device).
2. When the speaker is on the red and blue LED lights will
flash and begin to search for nearby Bluetooth® devices.
3. When the speaker finds a device, the name Q2 will appear.
Then pair the speaker with the device. Once connected the
blue LED light will flash slowly.
4. After this has been done for the first time, the device and
speaker will automatically pair from then on. Please note that
the speaker can only pair with one device at a time.
• DO NOT disassemble, modify, or repair speaker. If done
improperly it can short circuit and cause a fire or damage
to the speaker.
• DO NOT use any type of cleaner on the speaker.
Use a dry cloth to clean the surface only.
• Avoid dropping the speaker from high places.
• If any emergency happens like fire, smoking, or
strange smells, stop using immediately.
• DO NOT place the speaker into or near fire.
• Keep the speaker in shade and out of high temperature areas.
• DO NOT submerge the speaker in water.
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