Eaton Powerware 5125 48V EBM RM
Enterprise Battery Module
DC Power Solutions
Easy to install
Slimline 19” rack mounting
Extended runtime -18Ahr capacity
Modular and scaleable
Service maintenance free VLRA batteries
The Powerware Enterprise
Extended Battery Module
(EBM) is designed as an
optional integrated backup
power source to the 3G
Enterprise Power Systems,
providing secure power during AC grid failure for anything
from orderly shutdowns
through to extended runtimes
for continuity of service.
Multiple battery modules
can be connected together
to achieve increased backup
capacity for a given output
This module is slim and rack
mountable to suit the likely
applications for these systems
such as server room racks.
The battery modules use
simple ‘plug and play’ cables
for connecting the Enterprise
Power Solution. No specialized
tools are required, thus making
installation very easy in an IT
Scalability of the EBM ensures
that your investment is
protected into the future as
the demands of your network
increase. Simply add more
EBM modules as your network
EBM has an 18Ahr capacity
and is service maintenancefree for the life of the battery
module. Battery function is
monitored and controlled by
the power system controller
for complete battery
Technical Specifications
Brief Technical Specifications
DC Output Voltage
48V nominal
DC Output Capacity 18Ahr
(H,W,D*): 85mm (2U), 432mm (19” mounting), 487mm
*additional space is required at the rear for cables.
Typical Run Time Values*
* Battery times are approximate and depend upon factors such as:
- load configuration
- battery charge
- battery age and temperature
Order Number
Powerware Extended Battery Module (EBM)
PW5125 48V EBM RM
P/N 05147148-6591
All products comply with international standards. Contact your local Powerware DC representative for details on the specific product versions available with these safety and EMC
North America
UL listed
In the interests of continual product improvement all specifications are subject to change
without notice.
Email: [email protected]
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