Origin Storage Removeable Media Bay Datasheet

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Reference Number

Origin Storage



Removeable Media Bay DVD +/- RW

5.25 inch, IDE





IM SKU: M150836

Alpha SKUs:

AT: A1630696

BE: A1353293

CH: A1627552

DE: A0977433

ES: A1585124

FR: A0800716


NL: A0766193

UK: A0787843

IE: A0730900

Manufacturer Warranty

3 Years Advance Replacement

Models Dell Inspiron 2100, Dell Inspiron 2500, Dell Inspiron 3700 450/500 PIII, Dell Inspiron 3800 PIII 500-800, Dell Inspiron 4000, Dell

Inspiron 4100, Dell Inspiron 4150, Dell Inspiron 8000, Dell Inspiron 8100, Dell Inspiron 8200, Dell Latitude C400, Dell Latitude

C500, Dell Latitude C510, Dell Latitude C540, Dell Latitude C600, Dell Latitude C610, Dell Latitude C640, Dell Latitude C800, Dell

Latitude C810, Dell Latitude C840, Dell Latitude CPi A400XT, Dell Latitude CPi R400GT, Dell Latitude CPt S450ST, S500GT,

S600, Dell Latitude CPt-C C400GT/550, Dell Latitude CPx J650GT/J750, Dell Latitude L400, Dell Latitude LS, Dell OptiPlex SX260,

Dell Precision Workstation M40, Dell Precision Workstation M50

Remarks Origin Storage is a global supplier of IT storage solutions and components. The company's product portfolio includes hard disk drive solutions, RAID solutions and OEM parts. Origin Storage prides itself on superior customer service, competitive pricing and knowledgeable sales staff. The company is unique, not only in its product range but also in its philosophy, which adds up to a professional purchasing experience. Origin Storage - the ideal partner for all your storage management needs.

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