Philips HX7990 Datasheet

Philips HX7990 Datasheet
Philips Sonicare
UV Sanitizer
UV clean technology
Sanitize your brush head daily
with Philips UV clean technology
All around clean
Helps kill germs for a clean hygienic brush head
• UV clean technology helps kill germs on your brush head
• All around clean reflection for optimal results
• Simple push of the button safeguards against germs
• Auto shut-off turns off after 10-minute cycle is complete
• Hygienic storage for your brush head
Additional Features
• Fits Sonicare e-series and ProResults brush heads
• Fits Oral-B FlexiSoft and FlossAction brush heads
One touch
Auto shut-off
UV Sanitizer
Product highlights
Technical Specifications
• Voltage: 100 - 240 V
• Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
• Power consumption: 5.4 @ 100V /
6.0 @ 240V W
• Bulb Type: UV-C 254 nm
Weight and dimensions
Design & Finish
UV clean technology
Specially engineered Philips UV sanitizing technology
helps kill germs on brush heads
Items Included
All around clean
The reflector distributes sanitizing light around entire top
of brush head for optimal results
• Colour: Dental White with silver base
• Material: ABS/PA, TPE
• UV Sanitizer
• Brush head clips
One touch
Simple push of the button safeguards against germs
F-box dimensions: 9.02x5.51x4.69 in
F-box weight: 1.36 lb
A-box dimensions: 14.88x9.69x6.58 in
A-box weight: 4.63 lb
Auto shut-off
Turns off after 10-minute UV clean cycle is complete
Hygienic storage for your brush head
Issue date 2008-07-25
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