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Highpoint Rocket 133 Host Adapter
Rocket 133/133S/133SB
Dual / Single - Channel ATA133 Disk Accelerator
A smart choice to enhance your system
performance and storage capacity
Enhances hard drive performance
All ATA drive mode support up to
Rocket 133/1335/1335B supports up to four /
two UDMA/ATA hard drives
Bootable disk support*
Visit our website at: For Windows 95/98/ME/NT4.0/2000/ XP,
www.highpoint-tech.com Linux (Red Hat, SuSE, Turbo, Caldera
and FreeBSD)
CRC error checking up to 133MB/sec.
Large LBA Support capacity exceeding
Mole: 4 To booi from Kockel 1335 user peed integrate the BIOS info вуз бета BIOS.
Rocket 133/133S/133SB
Rocket 133/1335/1335B are the first dual/single channel disk accelerator that
incorporate the latest Ultra DMA/ATA 133 interface. Rocket 133/1335/1335B break
the 137GB barrier for ATA hard disks. This breakthrough allows the creation of
Rocket 133/1335/133SB that can access more than 100,000 times more data than the
current 137GB interface standard. With up to 33 percent increase in interface speed
over ATA100, Rocket 133/1335/1335B are ideal for new operating systems, such as
Windows XP, that demands more storage space and faster data transfer rates for a more
responsive computing experience.
Performance comparison:
GILNEAS. de. 1336/s —
CIL ELN CS à. 100VIB/s we
[ ATA 66 disk 66MB/5 m
Rocket 133/1335/13358 Specification
Modal Rocket 133 Rocket 1335 Rocket 13358
Host side Intertace 3764, 33MH2/66MHz PCI 32bit, 33MH266MHz PCI 32bit, 33MHZEEMHEZ PCI
Disk interface ATA1330DE) ATA1330DE) ATAT33(IDE)
Mumber of IDE 2 channels 1 channel 1 chanñél
| Allowed maxi |
le rd 4 hard disks 2 hard disks 2 hard disks
Supported 05s Windows SEMA. Windows NT410, Viindows S58E Ma. Windows NT4.0, Wvindiows S580 Me. Windows NT4.0,
Windows 2000, Windows XF, Viindows 2000. Windows XP, Viindows 3000. Windows XP,
Linux (Fed Hal, SUSE, Turbo, Limo: ¡Red Hat SuSE, Turbo, Linux (Red Hat, SuSE, Turba,
Caldera and FreeBE0) Caldera and FreeBSD) Caldera and FreeBSD)
Management tool BIOS BIOS" BIOS
Some highlight Supports ATA133 Supports ATA133 Supports ATA133
"arturo Supports boolable disk Supports bootable disk when BIOS is | Supports bootable disk
Large LBA suppor with capacity integrated in system BIOS Large LEA support with capacity
excesding 137GB Largs LEA support with capacity excesding 13708
exceeding 137GE
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