Lenmar BCLC1X Charger
OmniSourcee Li-lon
Universal Charger for Li-lon Camcorder &
Digital Camera Batteries
The OmniSource Lithium-lon (Li-lon) is a fully automatic camcorder battery charger
which is compatible with virtually all 3.6 volt and 7.4 volt Li-lon batteries for 8mm,
VHS-C, digital camcorders and digital cameras from Nikon, Kodak, Fuji, Sharp, Sony,
Canon, JVC, Panasonic, RCA and other manufacturers. In addition, other adapter plates
are available for virtually all other Li-Ion battery models.
This charger uses an advanced charging circuit, which provides a safe, full charge every
time. “Charging” and “Full Charge” status of the battery is shown on the built-in LED
Flexible power input allows you to use the OmniSource Li-lon from home with its AC
Power Supply or on the road using the DC Cigarette Lighter Adapter included. Avoid
prolonged use in an automobile when the engine is not running as it may drain the
battery in the vehicle.
Trouble Shooting Tips:
* The right hand Power Indicator LED will glow red as long as power is connected. If not,
the unit is not receiving power. Re-check the power connections to the charger (when
Using the car adapter, be aware that some cars tum off power to the cigarette lighter
when the key is off).
» If the green charge indicator LED turns on immediately when the battery is attached,
the battery may nearly charged already. Leave the battery on the unit for 1-2 hours to be
sure the battery has been fully charged.
+ If, after you have attached tha battery to be charged, neither the red or green Charge
Indicator LED’s turn on, the battery or adapter plate may not be propery of fully
connected. Unplug the unit and check all connections of the battery to the adapter plate
and the adapter plate to the charger base. Algo, ,make sure the adapter plate is the
proper one for your battery.
» Use a clean dry cloth when necessary to keep the metal contacts of both charger and
battery clean.
Note: It is normal for the charger or the battery to become warm during recharging.
Getting Ready
Choose the adapter plate for the type of battery you will be charging. Each of the adapter
plates is labeled as to the batteries it can work with. If the charger base does not already
have the adapter plate you want attached, you will need to remove the adapter plate first
by pushing down on the plate and sliding it to the rear of the charger base (away from
the LED indicators). Then, attach the selected adapter plate to the charger unit by
aligning the arrows on the sides of the adapter plates and the charger base as shown.
While pressing down lightly on the adapter plate, slide the plate toward the front of the
charger base until it locks.
Plug-in, either the AC Adapter or the DC Cigarette Lighter power adapter, and connect
the other end of the power adapter cable to the power input jack on the rear of the
charger unit.
Status LED's
Together, the three LED's on the front of the OmniSource Li-lon will indicate the status of
the battery and the charger. See the descriptions and diagrams included in tha following
sections regarding the various indications and their meaning.
« For use with Lithium-lon batteries ONLY! Use with other type batteries voids warranty, may
cause damage to the charger / battery and possibly cause injury to the user.
« Recharge Li-lon batteries after use and before being put away.
* Do not leave the battery connected to camcorder or camera when not to being used.
= Do not leave the battery connected to the charger for prolonged periods.
Remove the battery after charge is complete.
* Unplug the charger when not in use.
« Do not use, place or store the charger where it may come into contact with water or
* Always replace frayed or damaged wire and broken plugs immediately.
« Use this charger with the power adapters included in the package only.
« It is not necessary or recommended to discharged a Li-lon prior to charge.
Note: Batteries will self discharge when not in use whether they are installed in a
camcorder, digital camera or not. Batteries can be kept fresh if you recharge them every 2-3
months. NICD batteries should be stored uncharged.
* Power Input: 12-18 VDC @ 500mA
« Charge Method: Constant Voltage
Rapid Charge, Switching to
"Trickle Charge” when full.
Plug-in, either the AC 110V or the DC Cigarette Lighter power adapter, depending on
where you are going to use your OmniSource Li-lon charger unit. Connect the other end
ef the power adapter cable to the power input socket on tha charger unit While the unit
is receiving power, the red Power Indicator LED on the far right, will be on. (See diag.-1).
Connect the battery to the adapter plate on the charger unit, and the red Charge
Indicator LED in the center will tum on to indicate that the unit is fast charging your
| OFF | ON | ON |
When the red Charge LED tums off, and the green Charge Complete LED, tums on, the
charger has switched to “trickle” charge mode and the battery is around 90% charged at
this time. The battery will reach 100% charge within 1-2 hours (depending on the
capacity of tha battery) after the green LED has turned on. Be sure to remove the battery
from the charger within a few hours after the green LED has turned on.
| ON | OFF | ON |
Limited 3 Year Warranty
This limited warranty starts from the date of original purchase and expires 3 years thereafter.
If, during this period, any part, because of manufacturing defects or workmanship falls to
function properly under normal use will be repaired at no charge for parts and labor or, at our
option, the product will be replaced. The following is excluded: damages from delay or loss
of use of equipment, or damaged batteries, malfunctions resulting from misuse, tampering,
unauthorized repairs, modifications, or accident.
Package the unit and its accessories carefully using ample padding material to prevent
damage in transit and ship it prepaid and insured to:
Lenmar Enterprises, Inc.
4035 Via Pescador
Camarillo, CA 93012
When sanding in product for service, your package should include evidence of date and
place of purchase. Enclose $10.00 for shipping and handling for addresses in the U.S. For
outside the U.S. and Canada, freight will vary depending upon ship to address.
Proposition 65 Notice (California)
The following statement is required In the state of California pursuant to the settlement of an
action brought by the Mateel Environmental Justice Foundation against multiple electronics and
appliance manufacturers,
* WARNING: Handling the cord on this product will expose you to lead, a chemical known to the
state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
Wash hands after handling.
For additional questions, comments or to explore other Lenmar battery solutions, visit our web site at:
www.lenmar.com or call 805/384-9600 from 9AM — 5PM PST.
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