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Cables Unlimited 900MHz Wireless Stereo Headphones
Audio Unlimited™ 900MHz Wireless
Cables Unlimited: SPK-9100
UPC: 724580180418
6 sets per master carton
Listen to music just about anywhere without the hassle of cumbersome wires! The powerful transmitter uses 900 MHz technology to send music through walls and floors to the wireless headphones
up to 165 feet away. These comfortable high-quality, lightweight, over the ear headphones are the
perfect solution for watching movies or listening to music without disturbing your family or roommates. Enjoy the complete freedom of taking your music or other audio practically anywhere.
• 900 MHz transmitter sends audio signals without unsightly wires.
• Transmitter connects via 3.5mm audio cable to PCs, MP3 players, iPods, stereos and home
theatre systems.
• Headphones can be up to 165' away from the audio source, without line of sight limitations.
• Automatic battery recharging ability built into the transmitter that doubles as a headphone stand.
• Headphones are battery powered (using 2 ‘AAA’ rechargeable 1.2V batteries - included).
• Compact & portable with a lightweight, over the ear, stylized design—40mm Woofers—10 mW
RMS Output—2.4V DC Transformer
• RF technology allows total freedom to move around.
• 3 channel selection for you to achieve the best possible performance.
• Auto shut off control for power saving.
• Auto tuning function for interference free reception utilizing Phase Loop Lock (PLL) technology
automatically tuning in the optimal frequency.
• 1 Wireless Headphones
• Wireless transmitter base with AC adapter
• 2 AAA 1.2V rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries
• Adapter to allow the transmitter to plug into almost any audio device
(3.5mm to RCA and 3.5mm to 1/4 Inch)
• User manual
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