Premier Mounts | AM250 | Datasheet | Premier Mounts Swingout Arm for 37"-50" displays (AM250)

Premier Mounts Swingout Arm for 37"-50" displays (AM250)
Universal Swingout Arm
New AM250 fits most 37”-50” LCD/Plasma Displays
The latest addition to the Premier Mounts
product line is our new Universal Swingout
Arm for 37”-50” displays - the AM250.
This revolutionary design is the first
scissor-style swingout arm from Premier
Mounts. It offers smooth tilt adjustment
of 10°, plus you can pull your LCD/Plasma
up to 16” from the wall and push it back
to just under 3.5” off the wall when collapsed. Once extended, the user may pivot
the display up to 45° to the left or right.
Best of all, it’s backed by our
industry-leading Lifetime Guarantee.
Fits displays from 37”- 50”
10° tilt down
45° swing, left and right
3.5” -16” extension from wall
Lifetime Guarantee
Model: AM250
Retail: $349.99 • 800.368.9700
Color: Black
Fits: 37”-50”
Dimensions: 14”x28”x6”
Max Load: 125lbs.
Shipping Weight: 40lbs
UPC: 829973250416
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