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Battery installation
1 To remove the battery compartment door(located on the
cabinet bottom)press the snap tab and lift the door off the
cabinet back.
2. Insert 4 "R14" (C CELL)-size batteries(not included)into
the battery compartment. Be sure the (+) or cap end of each
battery is installed as show on the battery diagram.
3. Replace the battery door.
| |
\ |
NOTE: If the recorder begins to sound distored, or the tape
reels turn very slowly or not at all, be sure to check with a new
set of batteries or another cassette before seeking service.
IMPORTANT: Be sure to remove the batteries when storing
the set for more than a few weeks at a time. Leak batteries can
dadly damage the recorder. When discarding batteries, be sure
to dispose of them in the proper manner, according to
provincial and local regulations.
Always push STOP before storing. This will relieve pressure on
certain parts in the recorder that might deform after long
~ periods of time.
AC power converter
The AC Power Converter plugs into the 6-V DC PWR JACK
on the recorder(which automatically disconnects the batteries),
and plugs into 120-volt AC household power.
IMPORTANT: The AC Power Converter coming with this
unit is intended to be correctly orientated in a vertical or floor
mount position.
Car adapter(Optional)
Your recorder may be operated from the cigarette lighter socket
in a car. The optional Car Adapter plug into the 6-V DC PWR
JACK on the recorder,which automatically disconnects the
To inert or remove cassette
1. Press STOP/EJECT if any of the buttons are depressed.
3. Insert a cassette tape with a full reel at its left and open
edge facing towards you, then push on the deck door to
close. Unload a cassette tape by following the above steps
1 ans 2, take out the tape,push on the deck door to close.
NOTE: Some special formula tapes(chromium dioxide and
metal particle tapes) cannot be properly recorded on this
product. These tapes can, however be used for playback.
Tape Play
To listen to you recorded tape cassette:
1. Insert cassette as explained above.
2. Rewind tape to the starting point if necessary.(See
REWIND opertation.)
3. Press PLAY.
Adjust VOLUME control.
в ——— E ————
Built-in microphone recording
1. Insert cassette as previously described. Press RECORD(the
PLAY button is depressed with it).You are now recording.
If the RECORD button does not depress, see “PREVENT
2. Talk normally BUILT-IN CONDENSER
MICROPHONE. To obtain optimum recording quality,
place the recorder with the microphone freely exposed and
into the
as close as convenient to the sound source.
NOTE: The automatic level control(ALC)will set the record
level for optimum recordings,regardless of volume setting.
Automatic stop
When your recorder is operating in PLAY or RECORD mode
and the end of the tape is reached, your unit will automatically
shut itself off and return the buttons to the OFF position.
Stand-up microphone recording
The record with stand-up microphone, plug the microphone
into the MICROPHONE jack and follow the built-in
When the stand-up
microphone is used,the built-in microphone is automatically
microphone recording instructions.
Tape erase
To erase a tape simply record over the unwanted recording.
To run the tape back to the beginning of your recording, press
REWIND. Then press STOP after you have rewound to the
desired point on the tape.
Fast Forward(F-fwd)
Press F-FWD to skip over portions of the tape quickly. Press
STOP after you have advanced to the desired point on the tape.
Pause control
Your recorder is equipped with a PAUSE control which will
stop PLAY & RECORD operation. Press PAUSE to stop
PLAY or RECORD operation. Press again to release PAUSE
for continued operation.
Prevent accidental erasure
Whenever you make a recording,
any previous recording on the tape
is automatically erased.When you
have a recording you want to keep permanently, snap out the
rear left tab of the side you want to save as shown in the
illustration below.
When a cassette with the tab snapped out is inserted into the
tape unit, accidental erasure is prevented by a lever in the
RECORD button
depressing.Cellophane tape can be place over the original
mechanism that keeps the from
recording.Similarly, you can record over purchased
pre-recorded cassettes.
PLEASE NOTE: Your unit is equipped with a cassette
sensing mechanism prevents the RECORD button from being
depressed when a cassette is not in the unit.
Your can plug a set of headphones to your set. With the
headphone plugged in,the speaker is automatically silenced for
private listening. Your set is also equipped with EARPHONE
MONITOR capability when recording direct from other sound
source such as other tape recorders,radios or phonographs. You
can listen to what’s being recorded by plugging in a set of
headphones and an adapter. -
Remote On/Off jack(2.5mm)
The use of a remote on/off unit enables you to temporarily stop
recording,when using a remote microphone, without reseting
the buttons.Such remote control units are usually available from
local audio supply houses.When selecting a remote control |
on/off unit,be sure it is equipped with a 2.5mm plug.
Cleaning the heads
Iron oxide particles from the magnetic tape can build up on the
parts that come in contact with the tape.These deposits can
cause incomplete erasure,muffled playback sound,and might
prevent automatic stop.To clean a cassette tape,open the
compartment door,push the PLAY button and gently and gently
clean the heads,capstan,and pinch wheel with a head cleaner.
#„ *
# #
A. ay
Always unplug the power cord before cleaning,and allow 30
minutes drying time when using a liquid cleaner.
Clean heads after every 25 hours of use.
-Demagnetize the head occasionally with a head demagnetizing
cassette(available from many audio equipment stores).
-Never use any metal objects on or near the tape heads.
Do not allow any cleaning material to fall into the tape
Tape care
-Don’t expose tapes to sunlight or store in hot places. High
temperatures may warp the shell or damage the tape itself.
-Keep cassettes in their boxes when not in use.
-Cassette tapes can be erased by magnetic fields produced by
magnets,electric motors,electrical transformers,and other
devices. Keep tapes away from magnets and magnetic fields.
A little bit of slack in your tapes can
cause scratches on the tape,or
worse yet,the tape could break.If
you notice some slack in the
tape,use a pencil to tighten it up
before you insert it.
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