1. Package Contents 2. Charging the battery 3. Assembling SATA

1. Package Contents 2. Charging the battery 3. Assembling SATA
1. Package Contents
3.5" EZ Power Enclosure
USB Cable
2. Charging the battery
This enclosure is built-in with battery. Please follow
below steps before using for the first time :
1. connect EZ Power Enclosure to the computer with
USB3.0 cable for USB charging.
2. when LED turns RED, it means the power is able to
enable the hard drive. But please keep charging for
another 30 minutes to fill the battery.
3. when it’s low power, the LED will not show up.
4. the LED will turns to yellow while the hard drive is
detected and doing data transfer.
3. Assembling SATA HDD
Step 1. Open the panel of the enclosure.
Step 2. Slide 3.5 inches hard drive bay out of the case.
Step 3. Plug 3.5 inches SATA HDD into the SATA connector of PCBA.
Step 4. Screw 2 screws on the sides of the enclosure firmly.
4. Connecting the Drive
1. Connect the A type plug of USB3.0 Cable to your computer.
2. Connect the B type plug of USB3.0 to the USB3.0 port on the rear of the enclosure.
3. The power indication LED will blink and the presence of an external drive will be visible on your system tray.
5. Disconnecting the Drive
Caution : To prevent data loss, always stop the active applications before shutting down the drive.
With Windows
Double-click the Safely Remove Hardware icon in your system tray (typically located on the bottom right corner of your desktop).
Select the appropriate device from the list and click "Stop". Click "OK" to confirm your selection of the drive to be disconnected.
Click "Close" and ensure that the drive is powered off already.
6. Remarks
1. If you connect with the USB3.0 interface card, please make sure if the SATA or Big/small 4 Pin power connector of the interface card
is connected with the power of Motherboard or not. We strongly suggest that you may not use this product with the USB port on the PC
front panel/ front bay because many enclosed USB cables of the PC front bay is not USB IF standard.
2. The product is compliant with CE/FCC/UL/RoHS/WEEE.
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