3G External Modem Module for ADS FlowShark Triton Monitors

3G External Modem Module for ADS FlowShark Triton Monitors
3G External Modem Module for ADS FlowShark Triton Monitors
The ADS® FlowShark® Triton monitor now supports UMTS-HSPA/HSPA+ (3G) communications through an
intrinsically safe cellular modem module (ADS p/n 8000-0430). This new modem module replaces the original ADS
GSM/GPRS (2G) modem module (ADS p/n 8000-0052). The new modem is fully qualified with AT&T® static SIM
cards that have access to AT&T UMTS850 to UMTS2100 MHz service. The purpose of the new modem is to allow
customers to upgrade communications from 2G to 3G to avoid communication problems with AT&T 2G turndown,
scheduled for Dec 2016. The new 3G External Modem Module also provides more reliable communications in
areas where 2G communication is no longer fully supported.
1. Power and wireless network
activity indicator light.
3. Magnet is placed just above the
antenna connector.
4. Antenna connection is on
right-hand side of the modem.
2. More robust SIM card
IS Cellular Modem Module with Monitor Connection Cable
The new 3G External Modem Module is similar to the previous modem but also includes the following physical
A light has been added to indicate the wireless network connectivity/non-connectivity status. When the
light continually stays off, the modem is not powered. A solid, non-blinking green light indicates the
modem is powered, but not connected to the wireless network. A blinking green light indicates the
modem is powered and connected to the wireless network.
The SIM card holder no longer has a slide-back clip. The SIM card now slides into the holder which is then
easily pushed into the locked position. A label has been added to the SIM card holder to allow users to
match the beveled corner of the SIM for proper SIM card insertions.
Activate the LED diagnostic codes on the new modem by placing the magnet slightly above the antenna
connection (rather than on the long side of the modem).
The antenna cable connector is located on the short, right hand-side of the modem when the modem is
oriented with the Monitor Connection Cable to the top.
Inserting SIM card into the holder
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3G External Modem Module for ADS FlowShark Triton Monitors
Follow the steps below to install the 3G External Modem Module:
Obtain a newly provisioned 3G SIM card.
Obtain firmware version 4.80r2 which is required in order to use the 3G External Modem Module. The
firmware can be downloaded from the ADS website at: http://www.adsenv.com/content/software-
Collect the monitor data before beginning the firmware upgrade if the monitor which you are going to
upgrade (with new modem and firmware) is already active and logging data.
4. Disconnect the existing modem from the monitor.
5. Hook-up a direct connect cable to the monitor. Firmware version 4.80 can only be upgraded through a
direct connect.
6. Upgrade the monitor firmware to version 4.80r2.
7. Reactivate the monitor.
8. Install the new SIM card into the 3G External Modem Module per instructions in the FlowShark Triton
O&M manual, except refer to the above procedure (step 2) for instructions on inserting the SIM card.
9. Attach the antenna to the modem and tape the antenna connection as outlined in the FlowShark Triton
O&M manual.
10. Attach the new modem to the COMM port on the monitor. The modem LED should briefly light-up and
display a series of characters. When the modem is successfully connected to the wireless network, the
green indicator light will begin flashing.
11. Use Qstart or Profile to wirelessly communicate with the monitor to verify the new modem is operational.
12. Modem functionality can also be confirmed by placing the magnet on the right-hand side of the modem
above the antenna connector for 1 to 2 seconds which activates the LED diagnostic codes. The diagnostic
codes are the same as the older modem except the modem model number and network type. Proper
functionality is confirmed when both the wireless provider’s code displays (just after the c c c c) and when
the modem IP address displays (after n n n n ) on the LED.
NOTE: The 3G External Modem Module will only function on a monitor running 4.80
firmware or greater. Also, firmware version 4.80 IS NOT backward compatible with
the older style modem (ADS p/n 8000-0052). Once the monitor firmware has been
upgraded, it cannot be downgraded to 4.74r14 without first downloading a special
version of firmware. If there is a need to downgrade, request a copy of the downgrade
version from ADS Client Services at [email protected]
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