How to access the internet in Queen`s

How to access the internet in Queen`s
How to access the internet in Queen’s Accommodation
Screen 1
Once you open the internet browser the following screen appears, select ‘I would
like to Signup for a new account’ then click continue:
Screen 2
Click ‘no’ to vouchers query then click continue:
Screen 3
This screen provides options for broadband packages. Scroll to the bottom of the
page and you’ll see the option for 10Mb Broadband and it states Inclusive £0.00. This is the only
package available within the accommodation cost and should be selected. Once selected click
Screen 4
The screen below offers different packages for TV, the inclusive option is the one
included in the accommodation cost and should be selected. Once selected click continue at the
bottom of the page.
Screen 5
The next screen asks you to select your room number, this is important as when
phoning the helpline you’ll need to quote this. This provides 3 different drop down menus, first
block, second apartment number and third room number. Then click continue.
Screen 6
This screen allows you to create a username and password for your Ask4 account.
When completed click continue.
Screen 7
Enter your personal details for your account. Once completed click continue.
Where it asks for course details please insert ‘QUEENS’ in each field.
Screen 8
Asks if you would like to sign up for a newsletter including offers, discounts etc.
Select no then click continue.
Screen 9
This is the user agreement for student accommodation. After reading select the tick
boxes at the bottom of the page to confirm the agreement in relation to TV licence, virus protection
etc. then click continue.
Screen 10
A summary page will be displayed stating the packages that you have signed up for
in relation to internet and TV. Click continue.
Screen 11
A final service confirmation page will be displayed; there is an option to download
an invoice/service confirmation/terms of use. Select activate my internet connection.
Screen 12
This is the home page for the Ask4 Portal where you can log into your Ask4 account,
upgrade to various packages and there is a ‘support’ section for help setting up any further services
and troubleshooting problems.
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