Epson | KIT2627333 | Datasheet | Epson Stylus Photo 1400 & Premium Glossy Photo Paper A3+

Epson Stylus Photo 1400
Print Technology
A3+ Colour Inkjet Photo Printer; Epson Micro Piezo™ print head with Epson Variable-Sized Droplet Technology and
1.5pl Ultra Micro Dots™; 540 nozzles (90 nozzles each for Magenta, Cyan, Yellow, Light Magenta, Light Cyan, and Black)
Print Quality
Up to 5760 x 1440 optimised dpi on suitable media using RPM (Resolution Performance Management) SMGA
Print Speed* (A4 size)
111 seconds (at 720 x 720 dpi on Premium Glossy Photo Paper)
USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed)
Automatic Sheet Feeder
Paper Handling
Paper Support
Paper Size:
A3+, A3, A4, A5, A6, Letter, Legal, B5, 4"x6", 12"x12", 7"x5", 3.5"x5", 11"x14", 11"x17"
Epson media:
Ultra Premium Glossy Photo Paper: A3+, A3, A4, 4x6,
Premium Glossy Photo Paper: A3+, A3, A4, 4x6,
Premium Semigloss Photo Paper: A3+, A3, A4
Archival Matte Paper: A3+, A3, A4,
Matte Paper-Heavyweight: A3+, A3, A4
Double Sided Matte Paper: A4
Weight (Cut Sheet):
From 64 to 90g/m2 for plain paper (Premium Glossy Photo Paper = 255g/m2)
Thickness (ASF)
0.08mm - 0.27mm
CD/DVD Printing
Maximum Printable Area (Cut Sheet)
329mm width x 483mm length
Print Margin:
0mm top, left, right and bottom via custom setting in printer driver;
otherwise 3mm top, left, right, bottom
Epson Creativity Suite (Epson Easy Photo Print, Epson File Manager;
Epson Web to Page included in printer driver)
Dimensions (HxWxD) Storage
223mm x 615mm x 314mm
413mm x 615mm x 803mm
11.5kg (Main unit only)
Noise Level
47dBA (per ISO 7779)
Power Consumption Pattern
approx. 18W (when printing ISO/IEC 10561 Letter Pattern)
approx. 1.3W in sleep mode
10-35C (operating)
20-80%RH (operating)
Affordable, A3+ Size 6-Colour Printing
Announcing the Epson Stylus Photo 1400, the printer
that marks a major leap forward in dye-based inkjet
technology with fast throughput and vibrant new Claria
* Print Speed
Standard 8 x 10" of ‘Bicycle’ image used for print speed testing.
Print times will vary depending on computer configuration, print settings,
application, coverage, and page complexity.
photographic inks.
Epson Stylus Photo 1400
Affordable, A3+ size 6-colour printing
Key Features
Claria Photographic Ink
MicroPiezo Technology
Print Media Handling
Colour Output Modes
PictBridge Support
Epson Easy Photo Print 11
Target Users
Product Positioning
Key Features
A3+ paper handling for big,
beautiful photo prints
Individual ink cartridges for
cost-efficient 6-colour printing
New Claria photographic ink for
brilliant colour and outstanding
Improved MicroPiezo print head for
significantly faster throughput
A new high in multi-purpose
dye-based printing performance
At last there’s a dye-based inkjet printer that can produce stunning
6-colour output that retains its beauty for years to come. Whether
you’re a digital photo enthusiast who wants big, beautiful prints to
hang on the wall, a graphic designer who needs presentationquality colour comps for clients in a hurry, or a business user who
5760 x 1440 dpi optimised
resolution with 1.5-picolitre minimum
droplet size
5-level droplet size control for
smoother gradations
Direct CD/DVD printing for
professional-quality media labelling
Advanced PhotoEnhance image
correction with face-detection
Adobe® RGB support for SLR-class
digital photo printing
wants to produce cost-effective point-of-sale promotional materials
in-house, the Stylus Photo 1400 offers the superb image quality and
fade-resistance you’ve been waiting for.
Stylus Photo 1400 Features
Epson Claria photographic ink represents a major breakthrough in
dye-based inkjet printing technology. Not only does it support a wider
colour gamut than traditional photo-printing technologies, it is far more
resistant to fading than previous dye-based inks. As a result, it offers print
quality that rivals that of traditional photo printing.
Significantly improved print life
Claria photographic ink has an expanded colour
gamut with much richer blues and greens than the
standard sRGB colour space, and can render them
much more vividly than traditional photo printing
methods. It also offers more deeply saturated
yellows than previous EPSON dye-based inks.
Replace only the colours you need
Richer blues and greens than sRGB
The Stylus Photo 1400 is equipped with separate
ink cartridges for each of its six colours: cyan, light
cyan, magenta, light magenta, yellow, and black.
Because the cartridges can be replaced
individually, the Stylus Photo 1400 offers much
more cost-efficient operation than printers that use
a single cartridge for all colours.
Claria Photographic Ink
Cost-efficient individual ink cartridges
A wider colour gamut
Claria Photographic Ink
A major breakthrough in photo
print quality and fade-resistance
Claria photographic ink has been
strengthened at a molecular level, making
it extremely resistant to the fading that is
caused by light and oxidised gasses such
as ozone. Compared to photo prints
made with previous dye-based inks,
Claria ink photo prints retain their
beauty longer under a wide range
of conditions. Their potential album
storage life is estimated at up to
200 years.*
*Please refer to for test conditions.
Fade-resistance at a molecular level
The Stylus Photo 1400 Claria photographic ink has a
wider gamut than sRGB, with a particularly rich
palette of blue and green colour tones.
Previous dye-based ink molecules
contained fewer atoms, and
colours would fade because light
and ozone or other oxidized
gasses could destroy the bonds
between the atoms.
The dye molecules in Claria ink
are made up of more atoms. This
ensures that the bonds between
the individual atoms are stronger,
and makes the molecules more
resistant to damage.
Claria ink dye molecules are
further protected by atomic
shields and aggregated into
strong, dense clusters. The result
is rich, vibrant, fade-resistant
colour and significantly extended
print life.
Conceptual representation of molecular structure
Separate cartridges for cyan, light cyan, magenta, light
magenta, yellow, and black inks reduce waste by
allowing individual cartridge replacement.
The Stylus Photo 1400 is the first A3+ size printer in our line-up to feature our
With the Stylus Photo 1400 you can produce beautiful photo prints in sizes
advanced new MicroPiezo print head, and delivers world-famous Epson image
up to A3+ (approximately 329 x 483mm), create borderless prints, and even
quality at approximately 1.5 times the speed of the Stylus Photo 1290.
print on compatible CD and DVD media.
A3+ large-format printing
5-level droplet size control
New MicroPiezo print head
Thanks to its advanced new MicroPiezo print head,
the Stylus Photo 1400 can fire more ink droplets
per second, achieving approximately 1.5x the
throughput speed of the Stylus Photo 1290 with no
sacrifice in image quality. It can also produce ink
droplets as small as 1.5 picolitres, and print at
optimised resolutions as high as 5760 x 1440 dpi.
The advanced new MicroPiezo print head also
makes our Variable-Sized Droplet technology even
more powerful, with 5-level droplet size control for
cyan + light cyan and magenta + light magenta
colour blending. The result is ultra-smooth
gradations for even higher image quality.
Auto sheet feeder
With A3+ media handling and Claria photographic inks,
you can create beautiful, fade-resistant, gallery-size
prints of your high-resolution digital photos.
The built-in Auto
Sheet Feeder
enables unattended
operation during
multi-page printing.
Resolution and printing speed
CD and DVD printing
Borderless printing
Printing Speed Comparison
Stylus Photo 1290
273 sec
1440 dots/inch
483 sec
Stylus Photo 1400
111 sec
173 sec
5760 dots/inch
Measurement Conditions
Print Size: 20.3 x 25.4 cm on A4-size paper, Media Type: Glossy Photo Paper, Resolution: 720 x 720 dpi
Print Size: 28.9 x 36.1 cm on A3-size paper, Media Type: Glossy Photo Paper, Resolution: 720 x 720 dpi
Borderless printing
gives your photo
prints a professional look that
will make you want
to frame every one.
A convenient
tray for CD
and DVD media
makes it easy
to print custom
designs and
labels directly on
compatible media.
Print Media Handling
Beautifully versatile printing
on up to A3+ size media
MicroPiezo Technology
Advanced MicroPiezo head technology
for significantly faster throughput
Adobe® RGB’s wider colour gamut
Adobe® RGB mode printing
Adobe® RGB
Easily selectable via the Stylus Photo 1400 printer driver
interface, Adobe® RGB mode assures more faithful
reproduction of photos taken in the wider Adobe® RGB
colour space offered on many advanced digital cameras.
* Printer gamut not 100% equivalent to Adobe® sRGB colour space.
Epson PhotoEnhance
Improved new PhotoEnhance technology
automatically analyses images to determine if they
contain people, scenery, or other subjects and then
performs optimum enhancement to suit the content.
A wide range of output choices
for optimum image quality
Unnatural skin tone correction
the manner in which you intend to use the final output.
Backlight correction
Colour output modes
Epson Vivid
(Default mode for the Stylus Photo 1400)
Photo Enhance
Uses an advanced image-processing algorithm to assure optimum
image quality with vivid colour.
When image analysis indicates that the
main subjects are underexposed,
PhotoEnhance optimises both exposure
and colour balance to assure beautiful
results automatically.
Analyses image content and uses face-detection algorithms to assure
optimum image quality on photos of people/scenery.
Colour cast correction
Adobe RGB
Takes advantage of the wider gamut of the Adobe ® RGB colour space mode
offered on some digital cameras.
Epson Standard
Provides faithful reproduction of sRGB colour space tonalities.
No Color Adjustment
Enables ICC colour profiles embedded by the originating software
application to be used for colour management.
(ICC Profile)
Unwanted colour tints, known as colour
casts, can also be detected and
automatically corrected to ensure
consistently beautiful results without any
user intervention.
Scenic photo colour correction
Exif Print and PRINT Image Matching support
Exif Print for easy photo printing
from Exif-enabled digital cameras*
PRINT Image Matching for high-fidelity photo
printing from P.I.M.-enabled digital cameras*
Exif Print makes it easy to produce high-quality colour photos directly from
digital cameras that support the Exif Print standard. The digital cameras
record shooting-parameter data with each image that can be used by the
printer to ensure optimum image quality when the photo is printed.
PRINT Image Matching is an advanced, Epson-developed technology that
assures that print output reflects the colour reproduction intended by digital
camera manufacturers. Supported by a wide range of manufacturers, it makes it
easy to obtain consistent colour reproduction and image quality.
* Effective only when printing from Epson Easy Photo Print or other
applications that support the Exif Print standard.
* Effective only when printing from Epson Easy Photo Print or other
applications that support PRINT Image Matching.
When analysis indicates that an image is
a scenic photo, correction algorithms
deliver the rich, saturated blue and green
colour tones that are a hallmark of Epson
inkjet printing.
Colour Output Modes
Colour Output Modes
the nature of the source material and subject matter you are printing, and
Advanced face-detection algorithms
automatically identify and analyse primary
subjects. Colour balance is then corrected
to assure fresh, natural skin tones.
The Stylus Photo 1400 offers a wide range of colour output modes to suit
Output Mode
In addition, it can correct colour even when images
are backlit, poorly exposed, or have an unwanted
colour cast.
Support for the PictBridge standard enables you to access the powerful
The Stylus Photo 1400 Epson Creativity Suite software includes Epson Easy
printing capabilities of the Stylus Photo 1400 directly from any
Photo Print, a user-friendly program with a simple interface that makes
PictBridge-enabled digital camera.
powerful printing features accessible even to entry-level users.
Beautiful photo prints in 3 easy steps
With the Stylus Photo 1400, you don’t even
need to use a computer to print your digital
photos. Simply connect a PictBridge-enabled
camera to the printer with a USB cable — a print
menu will be displayed on the camera’s LCD
monitor, enabling you to select the size, number,
and type of prints you want.
Select photo you want to print
Select printer and paper size/type
* Layout and print size settings vary according to the make and model of
digital camera.
Convenient direct printing from Epson Photo Viewers
The Stylus Photo 1400 also supports direct
printing from Epson P-3000 and P-5000 Photo
Viewers. In addition to large storage capacities —
40GB for the P-3000 and 80GB for the P-5000,
these advanced viewers feature a new
wide-gamut 4-inch Epson Photo Fine Ultra LCD
monitor with a 4-colour filter that enables the
monitor to display a gamut almost as wide as the
Adobe® RGB colour space. The result is
beautiful colour and faithful reproduction of
original image data.
Select layout and press "Print"
Quick and easy printing from your digital camera
Epson Easy Photo Print
Hassle-free batch or single-image printing
PictBridge Support
PictBridge direct printing support
Epson Easy Photo Print features a simplified interface
that enables users of all levels to quickly and intuitively
produce beautiful, high-quality photos. But don’t let its
outstanding ease of use fool you — under the hood it’s a
powerful and versatile program that
can even display and print
many of the RAW format
image files produced by
more advanced digital
great choice
Stylus Photo
too R2400
sure hit with
Epson studios
Stylus Photo R2400
Sharpen & pick up
metallic highlights!
With its A3+ output capability and bright, fade-resistant Claria photographic
ink, the Stylus Photo 1400 is a high-quality, high-performance printer with a
A photographer’s dream come true
Target Users
wide range of potential applications.
The Stylus Photo 1400 is loaded with features that
are sure to please digital photography enthusiasts.
First and foremost, of course, is the stunningly
beautiful image quality offered by Claria
photographic ink and optimised 5760 x 1440 dpi
MicroPiezo printing. Colours are bright, vivid, and
resistant to fading, with smooth gradations and
fine detail. Add A3+ size paper handling and
Adobe® RGB support, and you’ve got a
photographer’s dream come true.
Offices and small businesses that need
high-quality colour output are also sure to be
impressed with the Stylus Photo 1400 feature set.
Not only will they appreciate being able to
produce professional-looking
catalogues, direct mail, and
other sales tools in-house,
they’ll like the significant boost
in throughput speed offered by
the Stylus Photo 1400
improved MicroPiezo print
head, and the cost
efficiency of its
individual Claria
photographic ink cartridges.
Designers and illustrators tend to be technically
savvy, cost-conscious customers, making the
Epson Stylus Photo 1400 ideal for their needs.
Not only will its fast printing help to meet deadlines
and get jobs done in less time, its truly
professional, 6-colour
output will impress
clients and help win new
business. What’s more,
the long-lasting beauty of
Claria photographic ink will
keep your portfolio looking
fresh and up-to-date for years
to come.
The printer for users who demand more
Target Users
Reduce yellow—go for a
deeper, more saturated green
Stylus Photo 1400 vs. Stylus Photo 1290
Stylus Photo 1400 vs. Stylus Photo R1800
A quick look at the differences between the Stylus Photo 1400 and its
A quick look at the differences between the Stylus Photo 1400 and the
popular predecessor, the Stylus Photo 1290.
Stylus Photo R1800.
Max. Plain Paper (Colour)
8x10 on A4 Glossy (720x720)
8x10 on A4 Glossy (1440x720)
A3 Glossy (720x720)
A3 Glossy (1440x720)
Borderless printing
Supported media widths
Roll paper
FA paper
CD/DVD print
PictBridge support
Adobe RGB mode
Dye (Claria)
6 colours: C/M/Y/Lm/Lc/K
5760x1440 optimized resolution
6 x 90
15 ppm
15 ppm
111 sec
173 sec
4"x6"-13"x19" (A3+)
6 colours: C/M/Y/Lm/Lc/K
6 x 48
273 sec
483 sec
4"x6"-13"x19" (A3+)
USB1.1, Parallel
High image quality, faster throughput, and longer print life
Although the Stylus Photo 1400 and the Stylus
Photo 1290 are both 6-colour printers with A3+
size paper handling, the Stylus Photo 1400 offers
significant performance advantages. In terms of
print quality, the Stylus Photo 1400 boasts a
minimum droplet size of 1.5 picolitres, vs. 4
picolitres for the Stylus Photo 1290. The most
pronounced difference, however, is in the Stylus
Photo 1400 Claria photographic ink and improved
MicroPiezo print head. Not only does Claria ink
offer far superior fade-resistance, the improved
print head assures smoother gradations and
approximately 1.5 times the throughput speed at
equivalent resolution. In addition, the Stylus Photo
1400 offers the cost efficiency of individual ink
cartridges, whereas the Stylus Photo 1290 uses a
single ink cartridge for all colours except black.
Epson Stylus
Photo 1400
Ink colours
Type of color
Individual I/C
Minimum droplet size
Print head nozzles
Max. Plain Paper (Black)
Max. Plain Paper (Colour)
8x10 on A4 Glossy (720x720)
8x10 on A4 Glossy (1440x720)
A3 Glossy (720x720)
A3 Glossy (1440x720)
Borderless printing
Supported media widths
Roll paper
FA paper
CD/DVD print
PictBridge support
Adobe RGB mode
Epson Stylus
Photo R1800
Dye (Claria)
6 colours: C/M/Y/Lm/Lc/K
5760x1440 optimized resolution
6 x 90
15 ppm
15 ppm
111 sec
173 sec
4"x6"-13"x19" (A3+)
Pigment (UltraChrome Hi-Gloss)
8 colours: C/M/Y/Pk/Mk/Bule/Red/GO
5760x1440 optimized resolution
8 x 180
71 sec
112 sec
4"x6"-13"x19" (A3+)
USB2.0, IEEE1394
The printer for those who demand still more
The primary differences between the Stylus Photo
1400 and the Stylus Photo R1800 are attributable
to the inks they use. Where the Stylus Photo 1400
uses dye-based Claria photographic ink, the Stylus
Photo R1800 uses pigment-based Ultrachrome
Hi-Gloss ink that offers a wider colour gamut and
better archival life, as well as excellent short-term
colour stability. In addition, the Stylus Photo
R1800 accepts roll and fine art paper, and
because it has twice as many ink nozzles, it prints
much faster. The affordable Stylus Photo 1400
may be a more attractive choice for amateur
photographers and business users with general
colour printing needs, but for users who are
serious about photography, and want the finest,
most fade-resistant print quality, the Stylus R1800
is the printer of choice.
Product Positioning
Ink type
Ink colours
Individual I/C
Minimum droplet size
Print head nozzles
Max. Plain Paper (Black)
Epson Stylus
Photo 1290
Product Positioning
Epson Stylus
Photo 1400
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