2. Installation for Windows (7/Vista/XP/2000)

2. Installation for Windows (7/Vista/XP/2000)
Wireless 11N USB Adapter
2. Installation for Windows (7/Vista/XP/2000)
2.1. Before You Begin
During the installation, XP may need to copy systems files from its installation CD.
Therefore, you may need a copy of the Windows installation CD at hand before
installing the drivers.
2.2. Installing the Drivers
Follow the steps below in order to install the USB adapter drivers:
Insert the CD that was provided to you in this package. The setup should
run automatically. If the setup does not run automatically, then must
manually select the index.htm file from the CD/DVD-ROM drive.
A list of drivers will be given on the screen. Please choose the driver for your
current operating system.
Click on Windows Driver to start the install process.
Click on the Install button to begin the installation.
Wireless 11N USB Adapter
Wait for a few seconds until the driver and client utility is installed.
The installation is complete. Click on the Finish button.
Carefully insert the USB adapter into the USB port.
Windows will then detect and install the new hardware.
If you are given a cable with three USB plugs, please make sure
both P1 and P2 USB plugs are inserted into available slots.
An EG icon will then appear in the system tray. Double click on EG icon to
open utility window.
Wireless 11N USB Adapter
2.3. General
This page delivers information of Status, Speed, Type, Encryption, SSID, Signal
Strength and Link Quality.
Click on Renew IP to re-establish wireless connection with the chosen AP.
Wireless 11N USB Adapter
2.4. Profile
Show Tray Icon: show/hide Utility icon in system tray.
Radio Off: temporary turn off wireless radio
Disable Adapter: temporary disable wireless adapter
Windows Zero Config: switch to Windows default wireless configuration
Wireless 11N USB Adapter
Functional Button:
Add: Manual to key in Profile name, SSID and encryption keys as below.
Wireless 11N USB Adapter
Edit: You can modify the configuration and settings.
Wireless 11N USB Adapter
Duplicate: to clone a profile.
Wireless 11N USB Adapter
Set Default: Reset all saved setting.
Wireless 11N USB Adapter
2.4.1.Available Network
This tab allows user to scan APs in proximity. The information includes
SSID, Channel, Encryption, Authentication and signal.
Refresh: Scan available networks again.
Add to Profile: Select any available SSID to save in profiles.
Wireless 11N USB Adapter
2.5. Status
In Status tab, you can find the information, included Manufacturer, NDIS Driver
Version, Radio Header, Encryption type, Authenticate type, Channel Set, MAC
Address, Data Rate, Channel used, SSID, Network Type and so on.
Wireless 11N USB Adapter
2.6. Statistic
This page shows the information on Tx and Rx transmission and receiving
Wireless 11N USB Adapter
2.7. Wi-Fi Protected Setup
There are two ways to setup connection through WPS.
Pin Input Config (PIN): enter PIN code to establish connection
Push Button Config (PBC): this is the software button for WPS button
PIN Input Config:
Click on the button to start the PIN code process
If select Yes, AP scanning will run automatically.
Wireless 11N USB Adapter
Select the target AP,
Choose one AP to key in PIN code.
Enter generated PIN code in AP your selected. The synchronization will start
Press WPS Button on USB directly and then click the button “Push Button
Config” shown above.
Wireless 11N USB Adapter
Push Button Config:
Click on the [Push Button Config] button
Press WPS button on the AP
The connection will be established in a few seconds..
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