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Philips Rechargeable sonic toothbrush
Philips Sonicare FlexCare
Rechargeable sonic
Advance cleaning
"Fit" teeth and gums are important. Philips Sonicare FlexCare is proven to deliver an
exceptional clean, while adapting to individual oral care routines.
Patented sonic technology
• Dynamic cleaning action drives fluid between teeth
ProResults brush head
• Advanced design for an outstanding clean
FlexCare System
• 3 flexible brushing modes, 2 personalised cleaning routines
• Go Care: 1-minute brushing cycle for a quick clean
• Max care: 3 minutes for an extended care routine
UV sanitiser
• UV Sanitiser - Cleaner brush, better oral health
Rechargeable sonic toothbrush
Weight and dimensions
F-box dimensions: 6.75 x 9.25 x 3.75 (WxHxD) in
F-box weight: 1.93 lb
A-box dimensions: 11.825 x 7.25 x 10 (LxWxH) in
A-box weight: 6.3 lb
• Rechargeable battery
• Smartimer: 2-min. timer helps to ensure
recommended brushing
• Quadpacer: Interval timer
• Deluxe recharge gauge: Light signal helps track
battery charge
Technical specifications
Voltage: Multi-Voltage Charger V
Speed: 31,000 brush strokes per minute
Battery type: Lithium Ion rechargeable battery
Operating time (full to empty): Fully charged
should provide 20 2-min. brushings
Patented sonic technology
Design and finishing
Chrome front panel
Colour(s): Medical Blue
Material handle: ABS/PA, TPE
Material brush head: PCTA, TPE, with nylon
Items Included
UV sanitiser
Deluxe soft travel case
FlexCare handle
Standard ProResults brush head
Travel charger
Compact ProResults brush head
Additional brush head colour code rings: 3 pcs
Patented dynamic cleaning action removes plaque
along the gumline and deep between teeth.
Advanced design
ProResults brush head with wider bristle range and
a unique angled neck, provides increased tooth
coverage and an outstanding clean, even in the hardto-reach areas.
Go Care
One-minute brushing cycle in the Clean mode, for a
quick clean.
Max care
3 minutes for an extended care routine.
UV Sanitiser
All-in-one sanitising, charging and storage. The UV
Brush Head Sanitiser helps keep your brush head
free of bacteria. It kills up to 99% of bacteria and
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