Sitecom WL-331 Datasheet

Sitecom WL-331 Datasheet
Data sheet:
Product code
Product name
EAN code
: WL-331
: Wireless Network Access Point 300N
: 8716502018543
The Wireless Network Access Point 300N will
add wireless capability to a wired network according to the fastest technology available with
speeds up to 300 Mbps when connected to a
wired router or switch. Thanks to the integrated
WPS hard button you can create a secure wireless connection with the push of a button.
Box content:
System requirement:
• Compatible with all operating systems
• PC’s and/or notebooks with 300N client adapter
Wireless Acces Point 300N
User manual, Driver CD rom
Power Adapter
UTP Cable
No. 12107
P. 1-1.
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