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FF- 4000
Options Rotary fader panel
PRO X Crossfader
The FF-4000 is a 4 channel version of the FF-6000, the features and
layout of which were designed in conjuction with Funktion One and
leading DJ's. The fader panel is plug in and available with linear
(as shown) or rotary faders. There is also a choice of crossfader, the
ALPS cross fader (standard) or the PRO X crossfader as an option.
The FF-4000 is available in any option configurations ready to use.
Each of the four channels have 2 inputs and there is a separate console mic, the fader panel is romovable
and can have either linear or rotary faders. The master (output) section includes two effects loops linked
to crossfade A and B.
All main switches are illuminated when switched to provide clear visual status also master and cue output
are indicated on separate LED meters. The case is 19" rack mount and 7RU (12.25" high) and 4.33" deep.
Channel features
Four channels each with two inputs, switching between the two inputs is by a switch at the top of the channel.
Channel 1 is mic (XLR low Z balanced) and line (phono sockets).
Channels 2 - 4 are phono/line (recessed switch selects phono or line) and line (both on phono sockets).
Each input has a separate gain trim on the back panel allowing gain to be set below clipping.
Each channel has a gain pot and 3 band EQ (+6dB to -25dB).
Push switches for routing to crossfader A or B and CUE (PFL) seletcion.
Rotary or linear (60mm) faders on the removable panel.
Master section
2 effects loops associated with crossfade A and B, each with wet/dry, punch and latching switches,
loop swap, mono switch, gain trims, bal/pan and CUE.
Master, Zone and Booth outputs in stereo and Master and Zone also in mono on balanced XLR connectors.
Record outputs on phono connectors.
The effects send and returns are 1/4" 3 pole jack sockets.
Console Mic
The console mic input is on a balanced XLR and has a gain trim, controls include volume, 2 band EQ and
a mic on switch. The console mic is not present in the booth output.
Headphone monitoring
Two headphones outputs are available on 3.5mm and 1/4" jack sockets, controls include volume, CUE mix
and split switch.
Separate 2 x 12 LED displays for CUE and output level.
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