1) Installing Bluetooth software for Windows (A) Place installation

1) Installing Bluetooth software for Windows (A) Place installation
1) Installing Bluetooth software for Windows
(A) Place installation CD into PC and setup should launch automatically.
If setup does not launch, use Windows Explorer to navigate to the appropriate CDROM drive and run "Bsetup".
(B) Please select your device and O.S..
(C) Complete these steps to install Bluetooth software:
(D) On the Welcome screen, click the Next button.
(E) When the License Agreement screen is displayed, read the License Agreement, then
select the radio button to the left of "I accept the terms in the license agreement"
and click the Next button.
(F) On the Destination Folder screen, click the Change button to browse to a new
destination folder for the Bluetooth software. Otherwise, click the Next button to
accept the default folder.
(G) The system is ready to install the Bluetooth software. If you need to review or
change any settings, click the "Back" button. Click the "Cancel" button to exit the
Wizard. Otherwise, click the "Install" button.
(H) For Windows 2000/XP users, system will popup a "Driver Signature Notice", please click the "OK"
(I) During the installation, system will detected your Bluetooth device please make sure
your Bluetooth device is plugged in properly and click "OK" to continue installation, or
you can click "Cancel" to continue installation without the Bluetooth device.
(J) Installation completed please click "Finish".
(K) After completion of installation you will be asked to restart your computer. Click
"Yes" to restart your computer. If you plan to restart later, click "No".
(L) After reboot and Windows comes back up again, insert your USB Bluetooth adapter
into the PC's USB port, if you haven't done so during the installation, and the system will
install the driver for your device automatically. Do not reboot. Your device is now
ready to be used.
II) Configuring Your Bluetooth Device
(A) After the installation of your USB Bluetooth adapter, click on the desktop icon “My
Bluetooth Places”
(B) The "Initial Bluetooth Configuration Wizard" will pop up. Click "Next".
(C) Follow the wizard's on
-screen instructions to configure your Bluetooth device.
(D) Click "Next" to configure the Bluetooth service, you may skip the process by clicking
(E) The only service that you need to choose is below :
Bluetooth Serial Port-a wireless connection between two devices. This
connection can be used by applications as though a physical serial cable connected
the devices.
The other services can be added later if necessary.
(F) Click NEXT to continue. Windows will install the software for the service selected.
(F) A second “Initial Bluetooth Configuration Wizard” window will appear. You should
now click SKIP to continue.
CONGRATULATIONS! will be on the next screen. Click finish to close the program.
III) Using Your Bluetooth Device
(A) After a successful configuration launch the Bluetooth software by clicking the
"My Bluetooth Places" icon located on the desktop.
(B) Double click on "Find Bluetooth Devices" icon to search for other Bluetooth
devices nearby.
(C) The software will now search for near by Bluetooth devices.
(3(D) Double click on the Bluetooth device you wish to connect to (e.g. PCG-F270, the
server). The Blueport device’s serial number will appear with the icon.
( (E) Double click on the "SPP Bluetooth Serial Port"; take a note of the COM port used
by this connection (e.g. COM3).
(5(F) The Bluetooth Serial connection should now be established.
(6(G) The “Bluetooth PIN Code Required” bubble will appear from the lower right corner
icon tablet. It will ask you to click on it to continue. Do so.
(Note: if you wait too long the software will cancel the connection automatically)
“Bluetooth PIN Code Request” menu will appear. Enter the PIN to make a
Pin code: 1234
(Note: if you wait too long the software will cancel the connection automatically)
(I) Menu will appear confirming your connection. It will supply you with the correct
COM port at this time. Click “OK”.
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