From 6 to 99 years of age From 2 to 4 players Contents: 42

From 6 to 99 years of age From 2 to 4 players Contents: 42
From 6 to 99 years of age
From 2 to 4 players
Contents: 42 cards, 7 families
1-Explorer Family 2-Friends of Animals Family
3-Jungle Family 4-Artist Family
5-Sport Family 6-Super Hero Family
7-Mad Scientist Family
Each family consists of 6 cards: the daughter
(1), the son (2), the mother (3), the father (4) the
grandmother (5) and the grandfather (6).
Aim of the game: to collect the highest number of
completed families.
Rules of the game: A family is completed once a
player holds all 6 members of the same family.
7 cards are dealt to each player and the rest of the
cards are placed in a pile face down on the table.
The players look at their cards but keep them
hidden from other players. The players arrange
their cards in family order and if any player has a
completed family they place it face up in front of
Choking hazard.
The youngest player starts and play moves in a
clockwise direction.
Player 1 asks the player of their choice for one card of
one family. (For example. Do you have the daughter
of the Explorer family?) Player 1 must have at least
one card of the requested family already in their hand.
If the player asked has the card they must give it to
Player 1.
If Player 1 wins the card they asked for they continue
with their turn. If the player asked does not have the
correct card then Player 1 ends their turn and takes a
card from the centre pile. It is then the turn of the next
player. If at any point a player collects all 6 members of
a family they must say “Family” and place the completed family in front of them.
The game ends when all the cards have been used and
all the families completed. The winner is the player
with the highest number of completed families.
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