Space International Introduces Laptop Holder

Space International Introduces Laptop Holder
Space International Introduces
The “Oyster” Laptop Holder.
Press Contact: Claus Nielsen
Phone: 1-800 928 7616
Holstebro, Denmark - June 11, 2007 - Space International today officially
introduced the “Oyster” laptop holder which allows for easy, space saving
and secure storage of laptops.
Laptops are mobile, convenient, and increasingly popular. They are also
frequently stolen and difficult to integrate into an efficient and ergonomic
work environment. The Oyster is designed to safely house a laptop and
docking station while providing quick and easy access for the rightful
owner. All while allowing for a space efficient and ergonomic work
Laptop Security
FBI statistics indicates that a laptop is stolen every minute in the US alone.
Gartner, Inc. estimates that 80% of laptop thefts are “insider jobs”.
The Oyster is designed to ensure that your laptop doesn’t become part
of the statistics. The laptop is quickly loaded into the Oyster and the “shell”
is closed and locked. The laptop is now almost entirely enclosed, with the
exception of ventilation and cable access ports. The Oyster not only secures
the laptop but prevents access to DVD/CD drives, memory cards, and other portable storage devices.
Legitimate access to the laptop top is as easy as unlocking the Oyster and opening the shell.
Laptop Ergonomics
Laptops are inherently ergonomically unfriendly. They typically are placed on top of a desk with no
height adjustability. Further, the keyboard and the screen are fixed, leaving very limited possibilities for
adjusting the viewing and typing distance. Increasingly, users are opting for a separate keyboard and
monitor when in the office. While this allows for far better ergonomics, it creates a desk space problem.
Keeping a laptop close to the prime work area, along with a keyboard and monitor, leaves very little
free space.
With the Oyster, the laptop is securely placed under the desk, freeing up valuable prime work space on
the desk. When used along with a monitor arm, the effective work space can be more than doubled
and optimal ergonomic conditions can be achieved.
Finally, by placing the laptop beneath the desk in the Oyster, cords and wires can be neatly kept out of
sight, creating a far more organized desk appearance.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------About Space International A/S
SPACE International is a Danish company developing and manufacturing and marketing ergonomic products since
1980. SPACE specializes in ergonomic products for flat monitors, computers, laptops, and other space-saving and
efficiency-increasing products. The products are primarily sold in Europe, the US and Canada. Additional
information can be found on the company's web site at
Space International • Denmark
Ph: (+45) 59 62 00 52
Fx: (+45) 59 62 00 51
Space International • USA
Ph: (+1) 800 928 7616
Fx: (+1) 800 928 6919
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