Team Viewer Set-up for X30

Team Viewer Set-up for X30

Using Team Viewer to access the X30 remotely.

To start this procedure you will need to go to

and download the software for private use on your PC, Apple device or Android device. During the install select the option of use for personal.

All the X30’s have the team viewer software preloaded on them. Use the following steps to setup a connection with the X30 for remote assistance. The customer will need to have the wireless

USB adapter installed into the X30 and wifi available to the X30. (using a hotspot on a smart phone or similar type device.)

Wireless USB adaptor

Your customer will need to turn on the Wifi ability in the X30 and start a remote access session before the access can be established by you. To turn on the Wifi the customer will need to access the options menu by getting to this screen. If the customer is not in this screen touch the small wrench in the bottom left corner of the screen to get to the menu for the options.

Touch the system button and it will expand the system menu options

Touch the features button to expand the features menu options.

When the customer touches the console button it will expand the console options above which allows the customer to turn the wireless network for the X30, enabling the X30 to look for a wifi signal. From the box that comes up on the screen switch to enabled to turn the wireless network on.

An on screen wizard will come up that will walk the customer through a step by step to set up procedure to activate the wireless network on the X30. the wizard will automatically go through step 2 as it searches for wifi networks.

If no wireless network is found Step 3 will be displayed.

Step 4 shows the available wifi signals, chose one then touch the yellow arrow in the lower right corner to go the next step.

Step 6 will display the progress of connecting to the wireless network. Once a connection has been established it will automatically access step 8. Steps 5 and

7 will be displayed if there are problems with completing the connection and will guide the customer through the steps to correct the problem.

Step 8 means that we have a wireless connection and we can now touch the green check box in the bottom right corner of the dialog box to complete and return to the menu options screen.

Now back at the console menu the customer can touch the remote assistance button to turn on the remote assistance, enabling the dealer to view what is being displayed on the X30 screen and guide the customer through his monitor to correct settings.

From the dialog box that comes up on the screen select enabled and then the green check box in the bottom left corner of the dialog box

Remote assistance setup also features a wizard that will guide the customer through the setup to activate the remote assistance on the X30. Follow the steps on each page and when complete each page touch the yellow check box in the bottom right corner of the dialog box to continue.

Open the previously downloaded Team

Viewer on your PC, Apple or Android device. Open it and prepare to add the ID and password from the X30.

The Team Viewer will open on the customers X30. They will need to give the dealer the ID from the left hand side of the screen.

The dealer enters the ID that was displayed on the X30 in this box on the screen. Then press the connect to partner button. This ID will not change from this

X30 and you can have multiple X30 ID’s in the drop down list.

You will now be prompted to add the password from the X30. This number will change each time the remote assistance is started and will need to be entered each time.

The connection has been established on the remote device and the dealer can now close the dialog box and minimize the session list box. There can be more than one remote partner linked in at once for additional support.

The customer touches the yellow arrow to get to the next screen.

The customer touches the green arrow to complete the remote assistance setup.

It is important to have the customer make selections and the dealer view only!

You have now established the ability to view any of the settings or operation screens that are being viewed on the X30. Close the window to break the connection with the X30.

The customer can break the connection by power off the X30, disabling remote assistance or loosing wifi connection. Each time the customer breaks the connection a new password will be generated to create a new connection.

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