HP J9355A Datasheet
Key features
•Easy-to-use guest accounts
management tool
•Customizable guest experience
•Role-based management interface
HP ProCurve Guest Management software
HP ProCurve Guest Management software simplifies centralized creation of guest accounts from any
Microsoft® Windows®-based computer. The intuitive user interface is designed for receptionists and clerical
staff with minimal training. It provides centralized, real-time management of visitor accounts and sessions
with a configurable visitor session duration per account. The guest account information is loaded into the
ProCurve MultiService Controllers for strong security policy enforcement. It creates printable access
vouchers for visitors. Secure login prevents unauthorized account creation, and the reporting feature
records all account management activity for audits. Digital certificate secures all communication between
the Guest Management software and the MultiService Mobility Controller.
HP ProCurve Guest Management software
Features and benefits
Technical features
•Strong X.509 certificate-based authentication of account
manager: keeps communications between the guest
management software and the HP ProCurve MultiService
Controller Series or HP ProCurve MSM313/MSM323 Access
Points secure in order to avoid unauthorized guest account
•Audit capabilities of all visitor profiles: keeps detailed
information about guest identity and allows administrators to
track down individuals on the network
•Intuitive graphical interface: adapts itself based on the
administrative role of the individual manipulating the tool
•Simple click account creation: few steps and wizard-based
account creation allow guest accounts to be created in a few
•Advanced profile creation: flexible account options allow
network access policies to be created on specific days, dates,
hours of the day, and so on
•Customizable session voucher: information printed on the
voucher can be tailored to an organization’s needs and security
policies; the voucher can be printed and handed over to guests
as a reminder of their credentials
•Note: Requires HP ProCurve MultiService Controller Series, or
HP ProCurve MSM313/MSM323 Access Point running COS v5
or later
Warranty and support
•Electronic and telephone support: limited electronic and
telephone support is available from HP. Refer to the HP Web
site at www.procurve.eu/support for details on the support
provided and the period during which support is available.
•Software releases: refer to the HP Web site at
www.procurve.eu/support for details on the software releases
provided and the period during which software releases are
HP ProCurve Guest Management software
HP ProCurve Guest Management software (J9355A)
Minimum system hardware
2.0 GHz Intel Pentium III or equivalent processor
512 MB RAM memory
100 MB storage
Recommended system hardware
300 MB storage
Recommended software
Microsoft Windows XP SP2
Additional requirements
Color monitor with a resolution of 1024 x 768 or better
Refer to the HP Web site at www.procurve.eu/services for details on the service-level descriptions and product numbers. For details about
services and response times in your area, please contact your local HP sales office.
For more information
To learn more about HP ProCurve Networking, please visit ProCurve.eu
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