Hypertec | USB2-V2ABS320 | Datasheet | Hypertec CMS ABSplus 250GB USB2.0

Hypertec CMS ABSplus 250GB USB2.0
Automatic Backup System
with BounceBack™ Ultimate Software
& Instant PC Recovery
• Professional backup and Instant PC Recovery
• Extremely easy-to-use
• SATA hard drive based, USB 2.0 interface
• Creates and maintains an exact copy of your
computer systems hard drive,which allows you to
start your Windows based computer from your ABS
• Tough and durable
• Three-year warranty
>> BounceBack From Data Loss
Automatic Backup System
with BounceBack Ultimate Software
& Instant PC Recovery
Easy to Use
The ABSplus does all the backup work for you. From
easy setup to simple reminders and flexible features, the
ABSplus with BounceBack Ultimate takes the headache
out of backup and recovery.
Instant PC Recovery
With Instant PC Recovery you are back to work instantly,
just restart from your ABS Plus and you are ready to go.
Quickly Restore Lost Files
The ABSplus offers immediate access to all previously
backed up files. Just select the items to bring back and
click on "Restore”. If your system has crashed you are
one click away from being up and running with Instant PC
Available Models
Interface: USB 2.0
Windows® 2000/XP/Vista
Hard drive type: SATA
Capacities: 80GB,160GB,250GB,320GB & 500GB
Speed: 5,400 RPM
Power: Bus Powered
Dimensions: 1.125” H x 5.0” L x 3.0” W
Weight: 7 oz.
Shock: 190Gs operating, 1000Gs non-operating
Warranty: Three years
Product Features
Instant PC Recovery
Externally run your system from your ABS in the
event of a hard drive failure.
One Click Restore
Restore your system back to its last backed up
state with only a single click.
Restore single files, folders quickly and easily.
Backup Sets
Create custom sets of data to backup and
specify their multiple backup destinations.
Schedule backup sets by date and time, or upon
Continuous Data
Saves time by automatically backing up only
those files that have been changed or newly
created on a continuous basis.
Parallel Backup
Backup to different local or mapped network
drive at the same time.
Native File Format
All data is backed up in its original file format for
easy access and data sharing.
Synchronize data between multiple
computers/hard drives.
View and restore previously saved versions of
Drive Formatting
Automatically partition and format the ABS
drive to match your computer’s hard drive.
Protect your valuable data with AES 128 or AES 256
For more information and a list of our authorized resellers
and distributors, please visit www.cmsproducts.com or
contact a CMS Products sales representative at
(800) 327-5773 or (714) 424-5520.
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