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LaCie USB A to Mini B, Design by item / 10 pack
LaCie Flat Cables
Design by item
USB A to B, A to mini B, and A Male to A Female
FireWire 400 to 400, 400 to 800, and 800 to 800
The First Flat Cable–
From LaCie
A Variety of Interfaces
With the new LaCie Flat Cables designed by item, it’s easy to find the interface you
need. Our new range includes seven different cables: USB A to B; USB A to Mini
B; USB A male to A female; FireWire 400 to 400; FireWire 400 to 800; FireWire
800 to 800; and eSATA to eSATA. Each cable is perfect for connecting
your external devices, such as hard drives, CD/DVD writers, printers,
cameras, and cell phones.
Colorful and Convenient Design
The LaCie Flat Cables come in different colors
according to their interfaces, and a fun, whimsical
design by item, a French design firm, ensures that
they’ll make a statement on your desktop. Since the
cables are flat, they are easy to coil and to carry—you’ll never have to
deal with another tangle of wires behind your desk or in your laptop
bag! Each cable comes with with 24 adhesive
labels, so you can customize your cables and
always know which device is plugged in.
• Seven different cables (USB, FireWire or eSATA)
• 24 adhesive labels included
• Dedicated writing pad on both sides
• Available in three colors (blue, green and orange)
• Gunmetal finish on connectors
Box Content
• LaCie Flat Cable
• 24 adhesive labels
• Innovative flat design
• Eye-catching design by item • Fits to all computers / devices
• Sleek and functional; avoid desktop clutter
LaCie Flat Cables, Design by item
Item Number
Item Number (cont.)
Interfaces (cont.)
USB A to B
USB A Male to A Female
FireWire 400 to 800
FireWire 800 to 800
FireWire 400 to 400
USB A to mini B
3.94 ft. / 1.2 m
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