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Ultrasone PRO 900
Credo of Sound
PRO 900
Product Highlights
New 40 mm Titanium plated drivers
S-Logic PLUS technology
Ultra Low Emission MU-Metal shielding
Black design
Velvet ear pads in BLACK & SILVER
Ultra Soft Cable (USC-cable)
Neutrik connectors
PRO Box conents
Neutrik connector
Ultra Soft Cable (USC-cable)
2 detachable cables: one straight
(length 3m), one coiled (length
> 3m) with gold-plated jacks 6,3 mm
6,3/3,5 mm gold-plated adaptor
Velvet speed-switch ear pads in
BLACK & SILVER (spare earpads)
Demo CD
Instruction manual
Technical specificaions
S-Logic™ Natural Surround Sound
S-Logic PLUS technology
Dynamic principle, closed
Frequency range 6-42000Hz
Impedance 40 ohm
Sound pressure level 96 dB
MU Metal bufferboard, reduced
field emissions in accordance
with ULE (Ultra Low Emission) standard
New 40 mm titanium-plated drivers
Weight 295g (without cord)
Credo of Sound
PRO 900
ULTRASONE S-Logic PLUS Technology
The PRO 900 offers professional and unlimited sound performance. This is the first pair of
Ultrasone PRO headphones with the patented S-Logic PLUS technology.
Enjoy the new standard and trust your ears…
S-Logic™ Plus is the newest advancement in the S-Logic™ Natural Surround System. S-Logic™
Plus profits directly from innovations developed for our flagship Edition range, the ultimate
headphones for critical listening. This sophisticated new technology combines precision
dampening with micro-acoustic reinforcement, allowing driver, buffer-board, and spatial
parameters to complement one another in an optimal manner. So the acoustical design of
S-Logic PLUS models and their tonal fine-tuning result in maximum neutral sound impression
with more vivid perception of voices and instruments.
ULE-Technologie & PRO Design
PRO headphones stand for Ultra Low Emission (ULE-technology) with significant benefits for
professional users and PRO headphones show a specific design. The PRO 900 appearance does
not only distinguish the professional line but also allows due to more ear anatomy area a higher
degree of transparency in combination with the spatial sense and understanding. The PRO 900
headphones offer an additional possibility to choose a black pair of PRO headphones with black
and silver velvet earpads.
To understand what ULE-technology does, you need to know that most headphone drivers
produce low-frequency magnetic fields as they convert an electric signal into an acoustical signal
you hear as music. In response, Ultrasone developed a special MU Metal shielding (ULEtechnology) to reduce the radiation by up to 98% compared to current headphones. The ULEtechnology has stood the test of international review and is recommended by technical
surveillance organisations. Ultrasone originally developed the ULE-technology for professionals as
they do spend half of their lives in headphones. But due to grand requests the ULE-technology
has now been integrated in other Ultrasone headphone lines.
Safer hearing
S-Logic™ does not only create a Natural Surround Sound. S-Logic™ allows at the same time a
reduction of sound pressure levels by up to 40% (3-4 dB) for the same loudness sensation. This
may reduce the risk of hearing damage while ensuring hours of fatigue-free listening. However,
Ultrasone generally advises not to listen to music at high volumes to prevent hearing damage.
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