energi Savr Node™ Wireless Setup Kit Quick-Start Guide

energi Savr Node™ Wireless Setup Kit Quick-Start Guide
Energi Savr Node™ Wireless Setup Kit
Quick-Start Guide
System Example
Energi Savr Node
QS Link
Wire Type 1
Wire Type 1
Apple iPod
Wire Type 2
Energi Savr Node
QSN-1ECO-S) or
ESN Programming
Wire type and corresponding maximum wire distance:
Type 1 Lutron GRX-CBL-346S cable: 500 ft (152 m)
Lutron GRX-CBL-46L cable:
2000 ft (610 m)
Type 2 Standard CAT5/CAT5E cable: 300 ft (91 m).
100 ft (30 m) cable included with kit.
NOTE: Total wire length not to exceed maximum wire distance shown above.
To Power
The Energi Savr Node Wireless Setup Kit (C-ESN-SETUP) contains the following items:
• A
pple iPod touch device preloaded with Lutron® Energi Savr Node setup application (also available
on the Apple App Store)
• Wall charger for iPod touch
• 802.11g wireless router preconfigured to communicate with both iPod touch device and Lutron
Energi Savr Node units
• Ethernet cable for connecting wireless router to Energi Savr Node system
Getting Started
Step 1: Wire connections
1.1 Connect one end of the supplied Ethernet cable to an
EcoSystem® Energi Savr Node unit (QSN-1ECO-S,
QSN-2ECO-S) or to an Energi Savr Node Ethernet
Programming Interface (QSE-CI-AP-D).
Note: If more than one QS link is present, these steps
will need to be repeated for each QS link.
1.2 Connect the other end of the supplied Ethernet cable to
one of the standard LAN ports on the wireless router. Do
not plug the cable into the WAN (Internet) port.
1.3 Connect the supplied router power supply to the router
and plug the power supply into a wall outlet. Verify that the
wireless router is powered on by confirming that the lights
on the front of the unit are on.
Note: The wireless router has already been configured
to communicate with the Apple iPod touch device. If
you restore the router to its factory default, you will
need to re-establish wireless communications between
the Apple iPod touch device and the router using the
Apple iPod touch device’s WiFi connection screen.
Step 2: Discover the system
2.1 Remove the Apple iPod touch device from the packaging
and power on the device by holding the button on the top
of the unit for several seconds (until the screen becomes
active). Allow some time for the device to boot up.
Note: You may find that the Apple iPod touch device
is not fully charged. If necessary, connect the supplied
Apple iPod touch device wall charger
to a power source and then plug the
Apple iPod touch device into the
wall charger.
2.2 Verify that the Apple iPod touch device has connected to
the wireless router. You should see wireless signal strength
indicator bars in the top-left corner of the Apple iPod touch
device main screen (see Figure 1 below).
Note: This connection may take some time to be
established. You should not proceed until the indicator
bars appear (see Figure 1 below).
2.3 Run the Energi Savr Node (ESN) setup application by
touching the icon (see Figure 1 below).
2.4 When the application loads, you should see the connected
Energi Savr Node unit.
Figure 1. Main Screen of iPod touch device
Wireless signal strengh indicator bars
Energi Savr Node
setup application
Step 3: Set up the system
Note: Only follow these instructions when setting up
a system for the first time. For a system that is already
operational and needs minor adjustments, Ballast
Addressing is NOT generally required; simply navigate
to existing areas and modify the settings as needed.
3.1 Connect to the device (for help during any part of the
set-up process, use the on-screen help button as shown in
Figure 2 below)
•Select the desired Energi Savr Node unit and connect to it.
•When prompted, enter a password. You will need
this password when connecting to the device to make
configuration changes in the future.
Figure 2. On-Screen Help Button of Energi Savr Node
Setup Application
Help Button
3.2 Navigate to the configuration screen
•From the Home screen, navigate to System setup >
Configure an ESN. Select the desired ESN and touch
Next to see the main configuration screen.
3.3 Verify wiring
•Navigate to the Verify wiring screen and ensure that all
ballasts/outputs are responding correctly to the system
3.4 Address ballasts
•If programming an EcoSystem® Energi Savr Node unit
(QSN-2ECO-S, QSN-1ECO-S), address the ballasts by
navigating to the Address ballasts screen.
3.5 Create areas
•Using the Setup areas screen, create new areas that
correspond to the areas that you want to control in
your space (e.g. hallway, office).
3.6 Define areas
•Within the Setup areas screen, perform the following
steps for each area that you created.
— Navigate to the Define lights in this area screen
and identify which lights belong to each area.
— If programming an EcoSystem Energi Savr Node unit
(QSN-2ECO-S, QSN-1ECO-S), navigate to the
Setup zones/scenes screen to define the lighting
zones that should exist in each area and assign the
appropriate lights from the area to each zone as
desired. Other Energi Savr Node models (such as
QSN-4S16-S and QSN-4T16-S) have zones that are
already pre-defined.
— Also on the Setup zones/scenes screen, configure
the desired area scenes by modifying the scene
names as desired and specifying the zone light levels
for each scene.
— If desired, navigate to the Setup daylighting screen
and program the daylighting behavior by assigning
daylight sensors to each area, defining the daylight rows
in each area, and calibrating the daylighting settings.
— If desired, navigate to the Setup occupancy screen
and program the occupancy behavior by assigning
occupancy sensors to each area and specifying the
occupied and unoccupied scenes.
3.7 Program controls
•Return to the Home screen. Navigate to System setup
to view the various device programming options.
•Program any IR sensors, QS keypads, Grafik Eye® QS
units, or other QS devices to control the Energi Savr
Node unit lighting as desired using the Program devices
and Program IR sensors screens.
3.8 Program dry contact inputs
•Program any configurable dry contact inputs on the Energi
Savr Node units using the Program ESN inputs screen.
Step 4: Start Saving Energy with your
Energi Savr Node System!
Technical and Sales Assistance
If you need assistance, call the toll-free Lutron Technical Support Center.
Please provide the programming kit model number when calling: C-ESN-SETUP.
U.S.A. / Canada / Caribbean: 1.800.523.9466
Mexico: +1.888.235.2910
Other Countries: +1.610.282.3800
Visit our web site at www.lutron.com
Lutron, EcoSystem and the sunburst logo are registered trademarks and Energi Savr Node is a trademark of Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.
Apple and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.
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