Replacing the USB Cable on a PowerMic II Microphone

Replacing the USB Cable on a PowerMic II Microphone
Replacing the USB Cable on a PowerMic II Microphone
In the unusual circumstance in which the cable on a PowerMic II microphone has been damaged,
replacement of the cable is a fairly simple procedure and is described below.
Necessary equipment:
Replacement cable (can be obtained at: )
2. Torx T6 screwdriver (we include this with the cable when purchased from us)
Remove the two large vinyl pieces on the back side of the PowerMic. This can be done by
slipping a fingernail, butter knife or other thin, flat object under an edge of the piece
2. Using the T6 screwdriver, remove 4 screws which hold the two halves of the microphone
housing together.
3. With the front of the microphone facing downwards, carefully lift up and remove the back side.
This will expose the circuit board, other contents, and the site at which the cords is plugged in to
the circuit board.
4. Carefully lift up the circuit board near the area where the cable attaches to the board and
unplug the cord from its connector
5. Plug the new cord into the micro USB connector
6. Reassemble the microphone by reversing steps 1-4
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