eText for Android Tablets

eText for Android Tablets
eText for Android
How to use the Pearson eText for Campus App
Pearson eText for Android
Tablets FAQ
! The Pearson eText for Android is a mobile app that enables users to access their Pearson
eText titles on Android 7”-10” tablets. The app will not function on Android smart
phones. The app requires Android OS v3.1 (Honeycomb) or higher. The Pearson eText
apps for Android are available only from Google Play. If your device does not use Google
Play, it may be because the device does not comply with Google's compatibility
requirements or the device manufacturer does not support Google's licensing agreement.
The Pearson eText for Android apps only run on Android devices that meet these
requirements. There are no immediate plans to support alternative app stores.
! Where can I get the eText for Android app? The eText for Android app is available at no
cost on Google Play ( You must download and install the app on your
Android Tablet before accessing your eText. ! Limitation: If your Android tablet is unable to use Google Play, then you will be unable to
use the Pearson eText for Campus app. When purchasing an Android tablet make that you
will be able to use Google Play and Chrome. There are no immediate plans to support
alternative app stores.
! I see three apps on Google Play: Pearson eText, Pearson eText for Campus and Pearson
eText for Schools. Which one should I download? Look for this icon in the Google Play
store. This is the app specific to those courses with the embedded textbook
Pearson eText for Android
Tablets FAQ
! What are the differences between Mac/Windows, Android Tablet, and Android
versions of an eText? The same eText title can generally be accessed across all three
platforms. User personalizations (Notes, highlights, etc.) are generally available no matter
what device the student or instructor uses. Pearson eTexts on all three platforms offer
similar features but have user interfaces designed specifically for each device. Some minor
device-specific differences include:
! Chapter Download: The option to download chapters for offline use is available for Android and
Android Tablet only. It is not available on the Mac/Windows client
! Study Groups: The ability to share notes with members of a study group using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
technology is available only on the Android Tablet client and is not available on the Android or
Mac/Windows clients
! Flash Assets: The ability to view rich media content built with Adobe Flash is only available on
Mac/Windows. Adobe Flash media is automatically disabled when viewed on the Android or
Android Tablet client
! Whiteboard Mode: Support for Whiteboard mode is available only on the Mac/Windows client ! Do the Android Tablet eText titles interoperate with the Mac and Windows titles?
The eText titles that are accessed on the Android Tablet will be the same titles that a user
accesses from the eText server today on their Mac or Windows browser-based
client. Your notes, highlights, bookmarks and search history are all stored in our eText
online database such that no matter which version you use, they will be both available
and synchronized.
Pearson eText for Android
Tablets FAQ
! As a student, will the notes, bookmarks and highlights I create on one device appear
in my eText that I use on another device? Yes, if you are a student accessing an eText
title using your MyLab or Mastering username and password, any book personalizations
that you add can be viewed on the Android, iPad, and PC/Mac versions of the eText.
! What languages are supported? The Pearson eText for Android app is English language
! Can I view my eText when my Android tablet is offline? Some eText titles are enabled
by Pearson to be downloaded by chapters so that you can access them offline when you
do not have an Internet connection. If your eText title is enabled for offline use, while
online, go to the Download Manager (the “Down” arrow on the toolbar) to select the
chapter that you want to download. Certain features are only available while working
online: full-text search, glossary, and page audio and links to rich media.
! I signed out of the app. How do I regain access? If you “Sign Out” of the Pearson eText
for Campus app you can regain access to your eText titles on your Android Tablet by
signing into your eduKan course using your Chrome browser and selecting a link to your
eText. You will then be presented with a web page that allows you to launch your eText
title using the eText for Campus app. As long as you do not sign out of the app, you can
launch the Pearson eText for Campus app directly from your Android for subsequent
! Note: Not all titles are available for Android Tablets
Step-by-Step Instructions
! This will guide you through the
steps of downloading the Pearson
eText for Campus app through the
Google Play Store, accessing the
eText and downloading content for
use offline.
! Be sure you are connected to the
! Click on the Google Play icon on
your Android Tablet
! Search for Pearson eText for
! Choose Install
After Installing eText App
! After installation, use your Chrome
browser to log into your eduKan
course. Depending on the course you
should find the eText link under
course home.
! Please note: A few of our courses such as
our math courses may have a link
elsewhere in the course. It won’t matter
which one you click it will still open the
! Click Launch to open textbook
! After the book is opened, touch the
top of the screen to access the toolbar
Launch Textbook
! Once the book opens turn it
to landscape and then touch
the top of the screen to
access the toolbar. This will
work in portrait however;
the toolbar will not show all
the tools.
! Click the down arrow to
download chapters for
viewing offline
! Next, the download manager
will appear and then you can
choose which chapters you
would like to download for
viewing offline
Pearson eText Campus
! Once you have selected and
launched your textbook via the
eduKan course, it will appear on the
Pearson eText for Campus app
! You won’t need to log into your
eduKan course each time you need
to access your textbook as it is saved
on the bookshelf
! If you accidently log out of the
Pearson eText for campus, please
refer to the information presented
above the step-by-step instructions
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