Return RF Amplifier
Features and Benefits
AST-RFA-2 is a new, high performance return path
RF amplifier module, designed and engineered to
meet current and future requirements for Broadband
systems that require RF return amplification. The
compact, half height module is available in two models,
providing amplification for either forward or return
bandwidth. When used in conjunction with an RF
splitter. The units provide a single RF signal to drive
multiple transmitters.
The return amplifier unit provides full RF bandwidth
amplification from 5 MHz to 300 MHz. The unit is
designed in the common AST module package,
insuring effective operation in the AST system,
providing high quality and cost effective amplification
without sacrificing rack space for separate units.
Nominal output level is + 45 dBmV/channel.
Composite Second Order (CSO) and Composite Triple
Beat (CTB) distortions are less than -70 dBc. At this
nominal output level. The ultra-low distortion amplifier
5 to 300 MHz Return Bandwidth
Up to 15 dB of RF Gain
Adjustable Output Level
Output RF Test Point
Full HMS-SNMP Monitoring System
Easily integrated with any mix of
modules in the AST chassis
provides an adjustable gain of up to 15 dB with
excellent frequency response.
Engineered with the latest low power components,
AST-RFA-2 units are both energy efficient and fully
hot swappable.
The internal system provides gain adjustments with
the integrated software, using the remote or local
network management control. The controller system
also provides alarm processing and status monitoring
functions. These signals are routed to the AST chassis
Control and Management module that provides unit
management through a Local Craft Interface as well
as remote management. The management system
provides an HMS-SNMP compliant interface to a
higher level element manager, such as the IPITEK
Node Wizard system or to HP OpenView or Castle
Rock SNMPc. Front panel indicators also provide
immediate visual indication for Signal Present and a
summed Fault Alarm.
RF Level Adjust
RF Connector:
RF Output Test Point:
Response Flatness:
Input/Output Impedance:
Return Loss:
5 to 300 MHz
15 dB
±0.5 dB
75 ohms
18 dB
Adjustment Range:
Noise Figure:
3rd Order Distortion:
15 dB, 1.5 dB steps
7 dB
-70 dB at nominal
output level
-70 dB at nominal
output level
* 2 Order Distortion:
* Distortion
@ 15 dB gain
Power Consumption:
Supply Voltages:
Female to Type “G”
-20, ±0.5 dB
1.8 W, Max.
± 5V, +24V
Operating Temperature:
Storage Temperature:
0oC to 50oC
5 to 85%, noncondensing.
-40oC to +70oC,
24 hours
Unit Block Diagram
Return Path RF Amplifier Module
IPITEK reserves the right to modify
product specifications without notice.
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