Microsoft Mediaroom Features

Microsoft Mediaroom Features
Microsoft Mediaroom Features
Welcome to Microsoft Mediaroom from Halstad Telephone
These pages provide helpful pointers on how to get the most out of your
Mediaroom television system from HTC.
Your Remote (Style with “Power” button alone at top of remote)
Your remote control is divided into 5 main areas:
1. Device Controls – top of remote
2. Viewing, Browsing, and Sound Controls – round section of remote
plus large, white buttons
3. DVR Controls – middle of remote just above number keys
4. Numeric Keys – near bottom of remote
5. Colored Shortcut Buttons – near bottom of remote
Device Control
These buttons determine which of your electronic devices the remote is
controlling. The only buttons discussed on these pages are the STB button,
which controls your settop box, and the Power button, which turns On/Off
the power to both your TV and settop box once the remote is properly setup.
TROUBLESHOOTING: If the settop box is not responding it is most likely
because a different Device button has been pressed. Press the STB button to
ensure the remote is controlling the settop box.
Viewing, Browsing, and Sound Controls
Here are the highlights of the buttons in this section:
 Video on Demand – takes you to the menu where you can purchase
additional programming for an additional fee
 Back – when browsing the guide or menu, this button returns you to
the previous screen
 Up, down, left, right arrows – these buttons allow you to navigate
through menus
 OK – enables you to select highlighted items on a menu or guide
 Exit (to TV) – takes you out of menus or the guide directly to TV
Info – displays information about the currently viewed program or a
the selected program in the guide
Guide – opens the guide where you can browse programming
Last – returns you to the last channel viewed
DVR Controls
(These features only apply to users who have the DVR feature enabled on
their system)
DVR controls are just the same as any you would see on any VCR, DVD player,
or any other playback device. However, there are two buttons that offer
special features:
 Skip – when viewing recorded programming, this buttons jumps the
playback ahead 30 seconds
 Replay – this button backs up what you are viewing by seven seconds
(including live TV)
Record button –
 When viewing TV, this button will start saving a recording of the
program you are watching
 When browsing the guide, this button will schedule a recording of the
program you have selected in the guide
Numeric Keys
The keypad enables you to directly enter channel numbers, enter text,
remote codes, and PIN codes. There are two special buttons on the keypad:
 Delete – removes text or and numbers from text fields
 Enter/Zoom – saves entries in fields, or resizes the picture for some
HDTV models
Colored Shortcut Buttons
These keys provide shortcuts to some of the more frequently used features of
 A (Yellow Triangle) – shortcut to Search
 B (Blue Square) – shortcut to Favorites
 C (Red Circle) – shortcut to Caller ID History
 D (Green Diamond) – no function at this time
Caller ID History
Mediaroom provides a log of inbound calls so you can see who has been
calling you while you’ve been away.
Basic Steps:
 To view the log - press the red, circular “C” button in the middle of
your remote
When the log is displayed, you have some options:
 To add a caller to your contact list:
o Navigate to the caller you want to save
o Press the yellow “A” button
o Edit the name and number of the caller if so desired
o Navigate down to “Add to Contact List” to save the contact,
or –
o Navigate down and to the right to “Cancel” adding the new
 To delete a caller from the list:
o Navigate to the caller you want to delete
o Press the blue “B” button
o To delete the caller, highlight Delete and press OK
o To return to the list without deleting, highlight Cancel and
press OK
Other applications can be accessed by opening the App Daily ribbon at the
bottom of the screen. The ribbon can be opened two ways:
 Press Menu>>Applications>>Appdaily, OR –
 Press the “Go Interactive” button at the bottom left of the remote
The ribbon enables you to:
 organize loaded applications
 go to an application store where you can load more applications
Time Shift Feature
Time Shift enables you to go backwards in time up to six hours to watch
shows you may have missed. This feature is available for network stations 4,
6, 11, and 15 only.
To access the Time Shift feature:
 Press Guide
 Navigate to the time shift channels (noted with a circled arrow)
 Press the left arrow button to go back in time
 When the desired show is found and highlighted, press OK
o A new screen appears with “Watch” highlighted
 To watch the show, press OK again
 You can fast forward and rewind within a time shifted show, but you
cannot record a time shifted show
To navigate in the Appdaily feature, use the arrow buttons on your remote to
highlight the buttons on the ribbon you would like to use and press OK. For
example, if you wish to scroll left, highlight the left arrow and press OK. If you
wish to open an app, highlight the app and press OK.
Introducing Whole Home DVR
Whole home DVR enables you to:
 Record programs from any TV in your home
 Watch recorded programs on any TV in your home
 Pause recorded TV and resume play in any TV in your home
To watch recorded programming (on any TV connected to Mediaroom):
 Press the Recorded TV button
 Use the up/down arrows to highlight the program you wish to watch,
then press OK
 Press OK to select Play
To continue watching playback of a recorded program (on any TV connected
to Mediaroom):
 Press Pause to pause playback of the recorded program
 Move to another TV and on the remote for that TV press the
Recorded TV button
 Use the up/down arrows to highlight the program you wish to
continue viewing, then press OK
 Press OK to select Resume Play
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