PM Series Matrix Switchers

PM Series Matrix Switchers
PM Series Matrix Switchers
Control4 Driver User Guide
Version 1.0
Driver developed by
Purelink PM Series
Control4 Driver User Guide
This driver has been designed to provide two-way control of Purelink PM Series matrix
switchers, via TCP/IP. It has been written and tested with a Purelink PM-16x, running
software version PM-16X-M3.01.
Purelink Configuration
It is recommended that Purelink system be installed, configured and tested by a suitably
qualified engineer, according to Purelink documentation, prior to integration with this driver.
It is additionally recommended that the Purelink matrix be configured with a static IP
address in the same range as the Control4 processor, in order to avoid communication
issues. On the PM-16x, this is achieved via the Sys Config option on the front panel touch
Driver Installation & Configuration
Copy the .c4i files from the zip package to your Control4 driver folder location (e.g. My
Documents\Control4\Drivers) and then open Composer. The drivers can be found under:
Device Type: A/V Switch
Manufacturer: Purelink
Model: Purelink nxm PMSeries (…where “nxm” is the number of inputs and outputs)
Choose the version that most closely matches your needs. The drivers are all effectively the
same; different output configurations are provided to avoid cluttering your project with
unwanted inputs and outputs.
To establish a connection between the driver and the matrix switcher, go to Connections
and choose the Network tab. Double click on the Purelink device and enter its IP address in
the window that appears. You may now configure the video connections in the Control/AV
tab according to normal Control4 practice.
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Purelink PM Series
Control4 Driver User Guide
Driver Commands
In addition to two-way input/output switching, the driver also supports the ability to display
different test patterns via the matrix switcher’s outputs. Choose Programming and select
the matrix switcher in the Actions window.
Figure 1: Device Specific Commands
The driver cannot control the matrix switcher
Confirm the IP address entered in Connections > Network is correct.
Ensure the Control4 processor and the matrix switcher are present on the same
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