Remote Control Fire Fighting System

Remote Control Fire Fighting System
Remote Control
Fire Fighting System
Remote Control
Fire Fighting System
“Thermal Imaging Detection systems can be coupled with leading edge
water & foam monitors to effectively & efficiently detect & extinguish
fires in coal stacks & coal bunkers automatically”
The DIAS thermal imaging fire detection system is a reliable system for
surveillance and recognition of spontaneous hot spots and fires inside coal
stacks, bunkers, open air waste dumps etc.
The high performance infrared cameras PYROVIEW 380L are combined
with the powerful software PYROSOFT FDS for analysing the thermographic
images, allowing for very early warning of hot spots and fires.
The infrared cameras PYROVIEW 380L can be mounted either fixed or on a
pan-tilt head to automatically monitor a user defined area to be observed,
continuously quantifying the surface temperature distribution of that
specific region.
The PYROSOFT FDS software then checks the temperatures inside the
Regions Of Interest where an alarm will be raised if the predefined
temperature limits are exceeded. All alarms and system status are displayed
on a computer at the remote viewing station and the control box will
transmit the alarm and the precise location of the fire to automatically
control the water monitors via either dry contact relays or high level
The area to be monitored is subdivided into so-called Regions Of Interest
which are approached cyclically by the pan-tilt-head.
If a hotspot is detected, the coordinate of the fire can be calculated with the pan and tilt information to
either open valves to self-oscillating moniotrs or remotely operate monitors for more accurate fire-fighting
The cooling medium ‘water’ or water foam solution can be applied
over the selected area automatically when electrically activated by
the fire control system. The oscillating water monitors are set to
horizontally transverse over a preset area which will cool a detected
fire at a distance of up to 70m requiring no manual intervention.
Overriding the oscillation mechanism manually is possible to further
direct a system discharge locally at each monitor assembly.
The equipment utilised is designed and tested to provide the finest
water flow performance characteristics and for integrating with the
latest technology. The water monitor offers maximum travel for optimal
coverage in a compact, economical package. A fixed nozzle with built-in
stream shaper is designed for flows of up to 4800 LPM and is ideal for
heavy-duty use on fixed monitors. An oscillation range up to 165° and is
achievable with unique maintenance-free polymer bearing design, high
quality material construction and superior performance.
The equipment can be provided in a modular mechanical
assembly complete with automatic means of operation
and isolation facility. It is the ideal choice for a long-term
low maintenance option located in a harsh environment.
Key Performance Characteristics:
360° of horizontal movement
Elevation 90° above to 45° below horizontal
Oscillation range: 30°, 60°, 90°, 115°, 140° and 165°
Adjustable oscillation speed: 0-40 deg. / second
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