Installation Guide - Rockustics

Installation Guide - Rockustics
Wireless Series
Installation Instructions
Other Placement Considerations
Please read the following instructions carefully before installing
your Rockustics Wireless Series receiver and transmitter. If you
have any questions regarding installtion that are not answered
in the following directions, please contact your local sound
contractor or the Rockustics Service Department. Contact
information can be found below.
Warning: Rockustic products may be heavy, please use
caution when lifting or handling.
Our manufacturing process leaves an excess of color pigment
on the speaker. This will wash off with the first rain. Pigment
may be removed from skin and clothing with normal washing,
however, care should be taken with clothing.
When considering receiver placement be sure to account for
the wires which will run from the receiver to your speakers. Be
sure to keep in mind that walkways and patios may be difficult
to get around.
Optimizing Transmitter and Receiver Placement for Best Sound
3) place the antennas in a line-of-sight position using an
antenna extension cable (available from third party vendors).
An installation that puts the transmitter in line-of-sight with the
receiver will provide the best results.
1) Do not install transmitter more than 230 feet (70 meters line
of site or 50 meters indoors) from the desired receiver
If the signal appearing at the receiver is intermittent or noisy,
1) make sure the transmitter’s RF Gain switch is on High
2) change the location of the transmitter and/or receiver for
line-of-sight position with one another
Unless otherwise specified, Rockustics wireless receiver units
will ship preset to channel 1. Before use, make sure the
transmitter unit is also set to channel 1.
2) If using the USB input, the transmitter will appear as an
audio device on your computer’s control panel.
Optimizing Aesthetics with Receiver Placement
Rockustics wireless products are designed with adaptive
frequency hopping technology to ensure the clearest reception
while accomodating for placement behind plants and other
obstructions.* Feel free to position the product within your
landscaping, behind bushes or shrubs. Rockustics products
strive to blend into the natural aesthetic of their surroundings.
*We cannot anticipate and accommodate every possible installation configuration. Trial and error metods may have to be employed to achieve acceptable wireless
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Commercial Contact: SoundTube Entertainment, 800.647.TUBE / 435.647.9555 /
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Wireless Series
Speaker Wiring: All Rock Series (exceptions see below)
1. Unpack transmitter unit and
TeleStone receiver unit from
box. Warning: Rockustics
components may be heavy,
please use caution when
lifting or handling.
2. Place the TeleStone receiver
unit near appropriately
installed and protected
exterior AC power.
3. Connect the speaker wires
from the TeleStone to the
speaker wires of two
Rockustics speakers (not
included with the TeleStone
system). Red is positive, black
is negative. Use the included
wire nuts to secure the
connection. First, secure the
negative wires, and then the
positive wires. Outdoor-rated
speaker cable is
recommended to extend the
length of the speaker wires to
the desired location for the
4. Place the speakers in the
desired location and connect
the TeleStone to AC power.
6. Connect the transmitter unit
to the desired audio source.
The transmitter must be
located in a weatherproof area
such as inside a home or
equipment rack. Make sure the
axis of both antennas on the
transmitter unit are parallel.
7. Connect the transmitter unit
to AC power and turn on your
audio source. The TeleStone
receiver should automatically
receive the signal and send it
to the connected Rockustics
speakers. When the
transmitter and TeleStone
receiver unit are connected,
the LED on the transmitter will
turn blue.
8. Done.
Notice: packing peanuts are
bio-degradeable and can be used
in compost.
5. Select the appropriate input
device on the input selector
If you do not hear audio, or if audio is garbled or noisy, try relocating the transmitter unit. A line-of-sight path works best.
Residential Contact: MSE Audio, 855.663.5600 / 913.663.5600 /
Commercial Contact: SoundTube Entertainment, 800.647.TUBE / 435.647.9555 /
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