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The networking storage
you can count on
The networking storage you can count on
NAStorage 8100, the premier NAS product features the
over-TB massive storage capacity and full-range of data
protection to provide the cost-effective, high reliability and
high performance network storage
network storage requirement.
NAStorage accelerates your organization productivity
by enabling you to:
Deliver storage capacity over TB
Expand RAID storage capacity without downtime
Feature with hot-swappable HDD to maximize storage reliability
Accelerate network throughput with dual NIC and Gigabit Ethernet support
Utilize the power management support with UPS
Seamless integration into heterogeneous networking security
Archive important data to the CD writer
Full-range data protection and integrity
Provides RAID 0, 1, 5 data redundancy architectures to fit your data management strategy
Deploys multiple RAID groups simultaneously
Supports 8 Hot-swappable hard drives, the robust storage capacity over TB
Features with compact size mobile racks to equip 4 drives in 3-bay space
Global RAID hot-spare hard drives for all RAID 1, 5 groups
RAID 5 hot-expansion for RAID 5 online storage expansion
Built-in CD writer software
Remote data archiving with FISC CDH*
Using the journaling file system for faster recovery and data integrity from system failure and
power losses
Superior system availability
The dual Fast Ethernet ports with failover and load balance features to offer the uninterrupted
and robust access
The embedded system resides in and boot up from the reliable flash memory
System configuration can be easily backed up and restored to assure system disaster
The power management integrates with the smart signaling UPS system
The redundant power supply and hot-swap cooling fans keep away from accidental power or
system failure
Reduced management overhead
Equipped with LCD console for simplified initial setup and system monitoring
Web-based management console enables the comprehensive system management
NAStart quick setup wizard enables installation in just minutes
The built-in DHCP support can be assigned IP address automatically
Supports multilingual administration interface
Intelligent system monitoring and notification
The embedded monitoring unit of system environment to ensure non-stop operation
The status of various system components is real-time monitored and notified using NMS
utilities, such as HP OpenView
The e-mail notification is used for sending alert messages about critical conditions
The LCD console and built-in buzzer indicate the event messages while any abnormal status
The "Web Reminder" function can display the system events while the administrator login the
system administration webpage
The intelligent mobile rack can indicates the HDD status for each individual drive
Best-of-breed network security integration
Offers file and folder level security permission for each file or folder to maximize the security
flexibility for administration
Supports user disk quota allocation and control for effective management of storage
Employs Access Control List (ACL) to ensure appropriate access to data
Supports User authentication in Microsoft NT/2000 Domain and Active Directory
"*" indicates the functions will be available on Q4 2002
Technical Specifications
Celeron Processor 1.2GHz with 256KB L2 cache
Support 128MB-512MB PC-133 SDRAM
On-board dual Intel Fast Ethernet interface
Gigabit Ethernet interface (Optional)
High Performance IDE RAID accelerator
Up to 8 ATA-100/133 high capacity hard disk drives
Support 2 IDE CD/DVD writer(s)and/or tape drive(s)*
One PCI expansion slot for Gigabit Ethernet adapter
LCD console and front LED Indicators for IP setting and system information
Serial port for communicating to UPS with smart signaling
Environmental monitoring unit for monitoring system/CPU temperatures, fan speed and CPU voltages
HDD Mobile Rack Module
The exclusive backplane design for HDD hot-swapping
Equipped with 4 one-inch disk trays
Ball-bearing fan for system cooling
LED indicators for showing the status of HDD and power
Safety button for HDD hot-swapping
File System
Journaling File System
Support large file system
Volume expansion
Support ISO 9660/UDF for CD/DVD
Data Redundancy
RAID 0, 1, 5 and JBOD
Support multiple RAID volumes
Hot-swappable hard disks with MR-4231 HDD module
RAID hot expansion for RAID 5
Support hot-spare disks with RAID 1 and 5
Built-in tape backup software*
Built-in remote data synchronization with another NAStorage or FISC CDH*
System Availability
Dual NICs with fail-over and load-balancing features
System configuration backup/restore
Support UPS with smart signaling
Network Environment
Network Operating System Compatibility
Network Protocols
Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
UNIX: Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux, and other UNIX derivatives
MacOS 8.x, 9.x, OS X
TCP/IP, AppleTalk
Security Management
File/Folder/Share-level security
User-level security
Support Access Control List
Integrate with Microsoft NT/2000 Domain and Active Directory environment
User disk quota control
Directory Services
Microsoft Active Directory Service
System Management
Web-based interface for system administration and alerts
Alert email notification
Run-time event logs
SNMP trap event notification
Upgradeable firmware
Multilingual Support
Localized web-page
English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish
English and western European, CJK DBCS, Unicode
Bundled Software
NAStart software for server discovery, quick setup, and system configuration backup/restore
Operating Environment
Operating temperature: 0 - 40 c
Operating Humidity: 10 - 80% non-condensing
Physical Specifications
Power Parameters
Power Parameters
Power Parameters
NAStorage 8100 (Controller)
41x148x287mm (H x W x D)
Standard ATX power connector
Power Consumption: 3.3V; 3A; 5V; 4A; 12V; 0.5A
NAStorage 8100T (9-Bay Tower)
430x175x490mm (H x W x D)
Input: 90-260V
Output: 370W
Redundant Power Supply (Optional)
NAStorage 8100R (4U Rack-mount)
175x490x530mm (H x W x D)
Input: 90-260V
Output: 370W
Redundant Power Supply (Optional)
NAStorage-4231 (4-in-3 bay hot swap HDD Module)
130x150x220mm (H x W x D)
FCC Class A, cUV, UL, CE, BSMI
Warranty and Support
One years (parts & labor)
"*" indicates the functions will be available on Q4 2002
Specifications subject to change without notification
26/F Aitken Vanson Centre, 61 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2797 5678 Sales Hotline: (852) 2797 5698 Fax: (852) 2797 8053
E-mail: enquiry@multivision.com.hk!Web: www.multivision.com.hk
NAStorage 03-2003
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