AirPen® Piping Dispenser

AirPen® Piping Dispenser
To Clean
Soak dispensing tips and followers in water after
each use and prior to cleaning. Important! Never
soak or submerge electric pump or adapter in
Create Artful and Delicious Details Effortlessly
1. Remove cartridge from dispenser, remove
dispensing tip, and remove follower with puller
2. Use plunger to empty cartridge. Tip: a bit of
water will enable plunger to slide easily through
3. Use plunger to pull water into cartridge and
flush thoroughly. Dispensing tips may be
cleaned in a similar manner by attaching a tip
onto the cartridge and flushing with water.
Vacuum Pick-Up Tool
Visit us online at and
Patent number 5579960
© SugarVeil Products Corporation, 2015
For precise pick-up and placement of fine beads,
pearls, and embellishments, the professionals’
choice is the Vacuum Pick-up Tool.
Contact, or visit for
more information.
SugarVeil Products Corporation
18220 Waldron Dr.
PO Box 18
Waldron, MO 64092
The AirPen® Piping Dispenser is fully warranted
against defects in material and workmanship for a
period of one year from the date of purchase.
The SugarVeil® AirPen® Piping Dispenser is a handheld,
air powered tool for drawing fine decorative details
with icing, sauces, chocolate, and light batters. Pastry
decorations and plated desert garnishes are effortlessly
created by placing a finger over the flow control hole of
the dispenser. Contents are easily dispensed to create
delicate lines, dots, and embellishments without hand
fatigue. Anti-gravity piston “followers” allow you to work
on a vertical surface.
The patented AirPen® Piping Dispenser is drip-free and
supplied with all accessories, including an air compressor
and a bag of our patented SugarVeil Confectionery Icing.
Air pressure adjustment
The AirPen® Piping Dispenser - Instructions
Screw on airline (K) and connect the power adapter (J) to pump as shown.
Place a storage cap (D) onto
the end of cartridge (A) to
retain contents. Pipe contents
into cartridge to about 2/3 full.
Insert a ‘follower’ (B), solid
end first, into cartridge. Use
the puller tool (H) to gently
compress contents into the
pen tip
Hold black housing in one hand, as
shown. With the other hand, twist
filled cartridge into the housing
clockwise using a downward
twisting motion to screw into
air line
flow control hole
Plug power adapter into outlet [for specific plug configurations, attach appropriate, locally-available device to
this plug for universal compatibility] and push red button to turn on pump.
The following items are included:
5 cartridges (A)
5 anti-gravity “followers” (B)
14 assorted tips (C)
5 red storage caps (D)
5 red storage plugs with tab (E)
Housing (F)
1 cleaning plunger (G)
Puller tool (H)
Air compressor (I)
100V thru 240V DC power adapter (J)
Air line (K)
Air shield (L) for drop string applications
SugarVeil Confectionery Icing (not shown)
Remove the storage cap and twist on a green dispensing tip (C). Note: always
ensure that tips are clean and tip openings are clear (you should be able to see light
through them) before placing onto cartridge.
For drop string work, insert clear air shield (L) over the metal knurled band.
The AirPen® Piping Dispenser is now ready to use and should be held with the tip
pointing downward so contents do not flow back into the air passages.
To begin flow, first touch the dispensing tip onto the desired surface. Then lightly
cover the entire area of the flow control hole with forefinger. Lift finger to stop flow.
The flow speed is increased/decreased by varying fingertip pressure over the hole,
or by changing the tip size.
When not in use, temporarily place the filled cartridges, tips pointed down, into a cup containing a moist paper towel.
To end operation, remove the dispensing tip and replace with a storage cap, then turn off air compressor. Remove
cartridge from housing and insert storage plug (E) at open end of cartridge, or clean as noted on reverse.
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