KP1EB Datasheet
C.A. Designs (Leicester) Limited
The C.A. Designs keypad KP1xx is a multi-key (up to 64) customisable keypad, suitable for use
within financial dealing environments for foreign exchange trading. It is customised using single,
double sized, and quad sized keys. A blanking key is also available for creating gaps to improve the
The innovative design is mechanically robust and particularly resistant to fluid spills and EMC radiation.
The unit is fully compliant with UL, FCC and CE standards.
Communications interfaces - Device/Host PC
RS232 - This is a serial protocol device connected to the host PC by using a COM port with a 9 way
connector. Line speed is 4800 bps.
USB Serial – This is similar to above, except that it uses USB to make the serial connection.
PS/2 – This is a standard PC keyboard type interface using a mini DIN plug. The PC uses the keypad as
if it was a standard keyboard.
USB HID – This is a standard USB type keyboard interface. The PC uses the keypad as if it was a
standard keyboard.
USB Stream – This is a USB type interface, but the keypad is not recognised by Windows, and custom
software is used to communicate with the keypad. This is ideal for cases where the PC has a keypad
and still has a standard keyboard, so that the keypad and keyboard cannnot conflict. It is also ideal
where several different keypads are connected to the same PC.
Audible Alert
The device provides an audible alert capability from a sounder contained inside the keypad. The
sounder beeps whenever a key is pressed to provide audible feedback, however this can be switched
off if required. The PC may additionally produce sounds from the keypad by controlling the frequency
and duration of the sounder.
Power is derived from the computer and no additional connections are required.
Typical Connection
C.A. Designs (Leicester) Limited
+44 (0)116 237 5248
15 January 2013
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