AK-SC255 Fact Sheet
AK-SC255 Fact Sheet
Version ‘R’ Software
Software version 02_085
What’s in the Box?
1x AK-SC255 (either Box or DIN rail screen-less version)
What are the different part numbers?
080Z2000 AK-SC255 Box, Color, TP78 Refrigeration
080Z2001 AK-SC255 Box, Color, TP78 Lighting, HVAC
080Z2002 AK-SC255 Box, Color, TP78 Refrigeration, Lighting, HVAC
080Z2082 AK-SC255 No Display TP78, Refrigeration, Lighting, HVAC
Recommended Individual Controller capacity(s) per AK-SC255 - Generic + I/O
Type AK2-CC303a
Type EKC (SNMP, Lonworks)
Recommended Remote AK2 I/O capacity
(In addition to controllers)
AK2 CM (Communication Module)
AK2 I/O Capacity
Max configured evap sections 150
1 controller per evap section
or General purpose devices (Wattnode, Access I/O...)
64 points
64 points
Analog (General I/O, HVAC, Lighting)
Digital (General I/O, HAVC, Lighting)
Recommended Individual Controller capacity(s) per AK-SC255 - Centralized 255 I/O
256 points
Analogue / Digital Inputs
256 points
Digital Output
Recommended Remote AK2 I/O capacity or General purpose devices (Wattnode, Access I/O...)
(In addition to controllers)
AK2 CM (Communication Module)
Max Nodes (inc AK2 CM)
Available Network Protocols
Ethernet Port (used for LAN/WAN network connections, host network, remote AKA65 software tool)
RS485 Host Bus (Host network - multiple AK-SC255 units OR EKA 167 Modbus Display)
RS232 Port (used for local AKA 65 software tool connection)
Modem Port (used for serial modem)
LonWorks TP78 (used for AK I/O modules)
Power KWh Meter Pulse input capacity
AK2-XM107A Pulse Module, Max 80 inputs
Expansion Capacity (host network)
Max 10 AK-SC255 units in host network formation
History Data points
History Capacity
8 MB
System processor & memory
PowerPC CPU 64MB dynamic RAM
UL Listed
File number E166834
Remote connection software
AKA65 v5.2 : Modem
Current Supported Controller devices
In order to correctly manage control devices, specific controller support files known as EDF files are required in the AK-SC255. The list below describes all the current controllers the AK-SC255 will support
‘out of the box’. This list will continue to grow with additional controller support added on a regular
Controllers not on this list can also be accommodated in the AK-SC255 but will be issued on a restricted basis via the factory and will remain as beta until factory & field tests have been completed.
Recommended Modem Support
Zoom V.92 56k Modem (Model 3049)
AKA 231 ‘Phoenix’ modem
Environmental Data
Operating temperature
32 to 104°F (0 to +40°c)
@ 95% RH (non condensing)
32 to 122°F (0 to +50°c)
@ 0 to 90% RH (non condensing)
Storage temperature
-4 to 122°F (-20 to +50°c)
Mounting and Wiring
Mounting screw locations, general dimensions
(203.2 mm)
Serial Port
(254 mm)
3/4” (19 mm) Knockout
1” (25 mm) Knockout
10.16” (258 mm)
20.34” (516.34 mm)
JP5 (battery jumper)
System address switch & JP3 / JP4
CPU Card
The mounting location should be flat, dry and free from major
vibrations. The AK-SC255 should be mounted at eye level, with
consideration for the following approximate outline dimensions:
Unit Width 10.5” (266 mm)
Unit Height 12.5” (317 mm)
Unit Depth 2.5” (63 mm)
Mounting holes 8.0” (203.2 mm) Width
Mounting holes 10.00” (254 mm) Height
To allow the door to fully open, ensure that there is an
area at least 21” (533 mm) x 11” (280 mm) free, leaving
room for conduit connections beneath the controller.
Mount the controller using appropriate screws
through the holes indicated at left, fastening the back
of the controller enclosure securely to the flat surface
chosen. Allow approx 3” (76 mm) for side access to
local connection port (Danfoss cable part # 080Z0262)
Internal component layout
With the controller door open, the two main sections
of the AK-SC255 can be seen, Base board & Connector
Base board
Mounted on the door frame is the ‘Base board’ with the
main CPU card. The base board contains the following
important components that need to be set for correct
system operation:
Battery (shipped in disabled position)
Type CR2032 with (+) side facing toward the user.
Engage battery circuit to ensure data is protected after power loss - set Jumper JP5 as follows. JP5
Host RS485 / Modbus Network
Reset button The AK-SC255 system utilizes a selectable RS485 / Mod
bus port (located on Connector board). The unit
comes factory set as Modbus communications.
To enable RS485 Host network, jumpers JP3 & JP4
need to be set. Note that if Modbus is used, RS485
host is not available - set host to Ethernet in AK-SC255
JP3 & JP4 not connected = RS485 Host
JP3 & JP4 connected = EKC Modbus
System address switch
Rotary address switch to set AK-SC255 address
Address 0 = Master (1-9 for Slave units)
Internal Component layout (Base board)
System Reset button
Use the CPU reset button to reset the AK-SC255
Internal component layout cont.
Connector board
The Connector board contains the main user
connection ports needed for communications,
relay output and power supply:
Connector Board - User Connections
relay RS485 /
Lonworks® Communication
Host / Modbus network options
JP3 & JP4
RS485 Host
EKC Modbus
(factory set)
Ethernet Host
AK-I/O Modules.. AK-I/O Modules
Use the RS485 port either for RS485 Host or
EKC Modbus communications. For RS485 Host
communications, use 2 conductor shield cable. Up
to 10 AK-SC255 controllers can be connected in a
host network.
Used when combining AKC55 / 255 on host
120 Ohm terminator to be on 1st & last unit
Use for EKC Modbus controllers
120 Ohm terminator to be on last controller only
If host network required use Ethernet
Use Ethernet port and connect to LAN
Configure in ‘Communications’ section
External Modem
Modem port used in conjunction with Modem Adapter kit 080Z2100
Relay Rated at 30V d.c. 1Amp. Used for external
alarm signal.
Lonworks® I/O Network (TP78)
Standard RJ45 Ethernet port, used for TCP/IP remote connection (LAN,WAN), SNMP network
support & Host network. Use Ethernet as Host
network if ‘Virtual Display’ functionality is required.
RS485 Host network / Modbus
See table below for jumper settings
Generic Controller devices
AK & EKC controllers
Lonworks® I/O Network
The I/O (Input-Output) network uses Echelon® Lon
Talk® communications. Depending on AK-SC255
version, up to five I/O network cables can be
connected to each AK-SC 255. When
connecting “A” and “B” conductors, there is no
polarity to observe for AK I/O modules. For more
information about connecting I/O cables, and
restrictions on their length and layout, consult the
AK-SC255 Reference Manual. Attach a terminator
to each set of unused I/O terminals.
For Generic networks (EKC & AK controllers) it is
recommended only to use one of the five ports
available. Follow network wiring regulations for
each of the different network types. For additional
information on networks consult Danfoss
document entitled ‘Data communication between
ADAP-KOOL® Refrigeration Controls’ (RC8AC302)
Functionality Overview
EKC controller IP network support
EKC / AK2 controller RS485 network support
EKC controller Modbus network support
AK Input / Output network
HVAC, AHU & Roof Top Unit control
Central control or via RTC (roof top controller)
Lighting control
30 lighting zones
6 relays per zone
Standard or relative schedules
8 schedules per zone
Auto override for burglar or fire alarm
Switch override with override box
Photo Cell support & integration
Miscellaneous Points
96 Misc Boolean Logic statements per AK-SC255
64 Misc relay DO per AK-SC255
48 Misc VO per AK-SC255
10 Misc Conversion factors
64 Misc sensor inputs & ON/OFF inputs - monitoring & alarm
Alarm routing
Modem / GSM
8 Auth levels
66 account codes
Screen Type
VGA high res colour
History Data points
600 (per AK-SC255)
History Capacity
10 minute samples on 120 points = 1 year
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AK-SC255 'R' Fact Sheet (Version B1)
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