Be more responsive with Vodafone One Net Business

Be more responsive with Vodafone One Net Business
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Be more responsive
with Vodafone
One Net Business
Fixed phone and mobile communications
through a single platform.
Power to you
Why responsiveness is crucial
What makes One Net Business unique?
As a business, we understand your time is precious. And your
customers’ time is too. Missing business calls and having to return
them is frustrating for both sides concerned. And not being able
to work productively on the move can have real repercussions for
your customer service and overall efficiency.
of SME
say that communication
needs to be faster and
more responsive.
As the first and only network in the UK to own both fixed and
mobile infrastructures, Vodafone can provide high-quality and
fully-integrated communications services that allow you to work
more productively and from anywhere, across a whole range of
devices – all from one provider.
Source: The Perspective series,
A Perfect Storm, Vodafone 2013
• One provider and one contract for all your fixed and mobile phone requirements
• One number that appears to your customers whichever device you use
• One voicemail for all your devices
Be more responsive, more efficient and better connected,
so you can make the most of every minute and stay ahead
of the competition.
Constantly connected
with One Net Business
• Make or take calls on any device, wherever you are
• Set fixed and mobile phones to ring simultaneously or sequentially
•Get your customers talking to the right person with hunt groups that
automatically redirect calls to those available
• Monitor the availability of colleagues on their fixed or mobile phones
• Easy self-service management through the online Feature Management Portal
• New users, functionality and sites can be added virtually and quickly
• I ndividual users can manage their own calls and call profiles, whether in
or out of the office, using the mobile application
• Q
uickly switch all calls to mobile phones or other business sites within
minutes to avoid business disruption
•Future-proof system with planned product roadmap of new features
and upgrades
Our solution is the UK’s only cloud-based service that fully
integrates fixed, mobiles, desktop and tablet connectivity, through
a single platform. This allows you, your employees and your
customers to connect at any moment and through any device.
And another part of our innovative service that can help give
you the edge is Vodafone One Net Collaboration. It allows you
to use Microsoft Office 365 and Lync as a fully-integrated part
of your communications giving you a range of tools that help
you enhance your productivity and teamwork.
It helps your business
Respond quicker – your customers can speak to the right
person, first time.
Interact better – employees, customers and suppliers can
collaborate easier and from anywhere so work gets done faster.
Adapt faster – adjust your communications to suit the evolving
needs of your business, your customers and your employees.
•Ongoing virtual system upgrades – all the latest technology;
no on-site disruption
• Ability to integrate One Net Collaboration with Microsoft Office 365 and Lync
•A fully secure, hosted phone system located in Vodafone’s core
IP-based network
•Dedicated voice connectivity that is managed end-to-end and monitored
24/7 by Vodafone
• A
bility to manage business continuity and reduce risk in your operations
in case of unforeseen or external business disruption
One Net Collaboration
completes the picture
Our state-of-the-art range
We work with the best telecommunications device and hardware suppliers
to give you the best possible One Net Business experience.
Vodafone One Net Collaboration, with Microsoft Office 365 and Lync, gives you
integrated voice services and the ability to merge fixed phones, mobiles and
softphones, in one solution. It connects your employees, customers and suppliers
seamlessly and wherever they are working across their range of devices. It makes
unified communications affordable for small and medium-sized enterprises.
Share voice, video, documents and instant messages across your range of devices
Place and receive calls securely from virtually anywhere
IP desk phones
IP speaker phones
Mobile devices
We supply two types of IP
desk phone – the Cisco SPA 514
and the SPA 525G2. Both devices
provide an advanced, feature-rich
IP phone for any business and
for use in a home office.
Two types of Polycom IP
speaker phone can be used
for your business conference
rooms. These phones deliver
the superior audio performance
and 360° microphone pickup
required for efficient and
productive conference calls.
You can use One Net Business
across any smartphone, meaning
your employees can keep their
existing devices if they want to.
Missed calls could be a thing of the past. Make and take calls from your desktop,
smartphone or tablet – and connect with any phone, desktop or Skype user around
the world using your internet, network and data plans.
Using your softphone, your laptop is your work phone
No need to reach for a separate phone and search for contacts – call with a single
click from your desktop or laptop using your work number.
Communicate however you like
Check your colleagues’ availability in real-time, and then make a voice call, a video
call, or send an instant message for fast and natural communications that suit you.
Extensive set of voice services
No scrambling around trying to find the right conference line number – users can
easily set up conference calls as well as edit and share documents on the move.
If you need to bring someone onto a call – an expert or a colleague from a different
department – you can just drag and drop.
Call the author of a document
Forget about looking up numbers or leaving messages; you can collaborate straightaway.
With a single click, you can talk to the authors of Word, PowerPoint and Excel
documents, while still viewing the document.
Answer emails with a call
Without emails piling up in your inbox, if you’ve received an email and want to discuss
it straightaway just click on the sender’s name and you’re connected.
Attendant console
Use the attendant console or
‘sidecar’ with the Cisco IP phones
to easily monitor the status of
colleagues. It uses the Busy
Lamp Field to allow a ‘watcher’
(e.g. receptionist) to view the
availability of colleagues,
indicated by a red, amber or
green LED.
• 15 LED RAG lights
• Digital Display
• Auto population of names
•Manually configure speed
dials (non-watchers only)
• Quick & easy call transfers
•Connects to additional
Attendant Consoles
(2 max per IP phone)
A router connects IP desk phones
to a private IP network using a
‘switch’. This enables multiple
users to share a connection and
access to the One Net Business
network. The router connects
multiple networks and forwards
‘packets’ destined either for its
own network or other networks.
Customers are already reaping the rewards
How interior specialists Aspen Concepts
built a platform for success
Retail design specialists Aspen Concepts have three sites across the
UK, but around half of its 80 employees are on the road and offsite
at any one time. The business undertakes around 7,500 customer
installations each year, and close customer engagement is vital to
growing the business. Simply put, they can’t afford to be office-bound.
With One Net Business, they are now constantly connected to
colleagues, suppliers and customers, whether in the office, on the
road or on-site. Their team of retail fitters can work much more
efficiently, with the ability to share real-time updates, revised drawings
and project progress with customers, and head office, from anywhere.
The last 113
customers who took
One Net Business
gave us an average
satisfaction score of
The numbers speak for themselves. Being able to spend more time
on-site has cut the company’s installation times in half. And being
more responsive has helped them bring in 30% more new business.
Aspen Concepts cut
installation times in
half and increase new
business by
Bearmach keep their
promise to deliver
across Europe in
24 hrs
Land Rover supplier Bearmach continues
to grow and improve responsiveness
Bearmach is one of the world’s leading independent distributors
of genuine Land Rover parts and accessories, selling to more than
130 countries, including several national governments.
With their 160 employees dealing with various suppliers and
international customers with strict deadlines, the need to be
agile and responsive is of paramount importance.
Since introducing Vodafone One Net Business, Bearmach has
reported improvements across the board. It’s provided a robust
and flexible telecoms platform to support their growth in the UK
and overseas, staff are accessible and contactable at all times,
and capacity and connectivity issues have been eliminated.
Their entire business is now better connected and more responsive,
so they can continue to grow while fulfilling a 24-hour customer
delivery promise across the UK and Europe.
“The ability to integrate fixed
phones and mobiles has
had a noticeably positive
effect on our ability to stay
connected, to be accessible
and contactable. It gives us
a level of flexibility that we
didn’t have before.”
Julian Burgess,
Finance Director, Bearmach
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